I Have Tumblr!

This is what happens when you have too much time in your hands: you get yourself a Tumblr account, despite the fact that you already have Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Formspring, YouTube… the list is endless (figuratively speaking, I hope).

I’ve heard of Tumblr before, but I never really got the energy to make one until recently. It took me days to figure out what Tumblr is in the first place, how to use it and what the heck does reblog mean? I finally got the hang of it, though — eventually. Now, to connect my WP to it… *strokes imaginary beard*

Here’s the link: http://blacksheeponthemoon.tumblr.com/ I fancied myself creative that night. Black sheep on the moon… creative. Riiiiight.


3 thoughts on “I Have Tumblr!

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    • Oh, Tumblr is kinda like WordPress and Twitter combined. You can post pictures, quotes, texts, videos and music, and people can ‘reblog’ it. It’s very addicting, actually ^_^

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