Random Bucket List

Not to sound morbid or anything, but this is a list of things I want to do before I die. I’m not the most adventurous person, so this list won’t include camping out in the Amazon or diving in the Mariana Trench. I’m leaning more towards the take a ballroom class and read War and Peace (maybe) kind of thing.

I’ll add more as I think of things to do.

Go to King’s Cross Station on September 1st.

This is on the list because… Today is the 1st of September and the Harry Potter fan in me just wants to see where, if magic really existed and there really was a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry, the students of Hogwarts would be going through to reach Platform 9 3/4.

Go back to Isla Pandan in Honda Bay, Palawan

This is on the list because… The family vacation for this year (2011) was to go to Puerto Princesa in Palawan. It was so much fun, much more so than last year’s when we went to Boracay. Maybe it was because this time, we were part of a guided tour. Anyway, the third and last day in Palawan, we went island hopping and we spent so much time in Snake Island that it only left us a few minutes to spend roaming Isla Pandan, which was a shame. So I would like to return again, hopefully.

Have a Star Wars movie marathon

I’ve always been interested in the series ever since I discovered that large picture book about the movie’s factoids in the school library. That was around three, four years ago and since then, I’ve only watched the prequels (because of y’know, Hayden Christensen…). I tried watching the rest after that, but I lost interest when I saw how crappy the special effects were. That, and I lost my copy of the films so… Anyway, one of these days, I’m going to have a movie marathon of Star Wars. Who knows? I might become a huge nerdy fan of it like I am now of Harry Potter.

Own a quad bike

I saw two quad bikes in a car park on my way home from school today. I’m not sure if I was delirious from being so tired or simply there’s an inner daredevil deep inside me but, the moment I saw these bikes, I was like “I want one!” In my head, of course, because it would have been crazy to say it out loud. So yeah, since I’m too much of a wimp to own an actual motorbike, I figured a quad bike would do.

Learn shorthand

During one of my free periods, a friend of mine asked whether I was writing shorthand or not. Now, I was immersed in my music at that time, and my hand was just doodling random lyrics down on paper (which is better than on my hand). Awful it may be, my handwriting isn’t that bad — okay, that was a lie. My handwriting is abysmal. So abysmal, in fact, that it was mistaken to be shorthand. Still, the idea of writing in shorthand is cool. I vow to learn it when the opportunity comes at me.

Learn the Japanese language

This, my dear readers, is the practically non-stop influence of the numerous (cough*four*cough) anime series I’ve found myself watching. What can I say? They interest me. Take the Ouran High School Host Club, for example: it’s light-hearted and comedic, barely touching on the romance… and then BOOM! It suddenly becomes deep and insightful towards Japanese family values. And besides, wouldn’t be awesome to be able to speak and read the Japanese characters?!

Go to the Doctor Who Convention

Today is the 24th of March and according to the posts I’ve seen in Tumblr, it’s the day for the Official Doctor Who Convention. I’m an avid Whovian (I’ve now succumbed to re-watching all six seasons), so it’s only natural that I want to go to Cardiff and dress up like the Tardis and get my pictures taken with Moffat and whoever else might happen to be there. It would be a literal dream come true just to meet any forms of my fandoms in an official way.

Two Things: The Harry Potter Studios and the Doctor Who Experience

Ever since the I saw a poster for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour — The Making of Harry Potter (yes, this is the official name) on a bus stop, I was hooked. I simply stopped walking, pointed at the poster and declared, in a voice befitting a nine year old child, “I’m going to that place! I need to go there!”

There’s something about my fandoms that reduce me to a little kid despite my wide vocabulary…

As for the Doctor Who Experience, I’ve wanted to visit the place ever since I saw a link to an article about it in my Facebook News Feed. I’m pretty sure it’s not open to the public as of this moment (July 6, 2012), but I so badly want to go here that I’ve *jokingly* said to my friends — and to anyone who would listen, really — that I’d go to uni in Cardiff. I mean, it’s where they mainly shoot Doctor Who. What’s not to like?



2 thoughts on “Random Bucket List

  1. I read your ‘ I am sherlocked’ post and I really liked it.

    I am exactly the same with your opinions; I am well and truly sherlocked :D

    I really like your blog thing – its really nice

    Bella x

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