State of the Union: The Day of Thor

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again:

Well, to be precise Arthur Dent (played by the gorgeous Martin Freeman), said the words for me… but it’s the same difference, isn’t it? Life can sometimes be such blahhh sometimes, it can bloody well infuriate you. I’ve had a horrible day, which is pretty easy to tell. Wanna know why?

Today was Results Day — yes, capital letters and everything. It means today is the day where students like me across the country are receiving their results from the exams we all took way back in April (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was in April). Anyway, my results left a lot to be desired.

Oh dear. I seem to have felt this unwanted emotion called shame.

So this school year will be very busy for me, consisting of STUDY STUDY STUDY times. Unfortunately, this would mean times spent online Tumbling, Twittering or Facebooking* will be restricted. Good thing I’ve got this for my Wall of Motivation!

And yes, I’ve printed enough pictures to cover an entire wall. It’s not *technically* proven since they’re scattered around the place, but take my word for it.

I understand that getting good grades in school does not equal a good life in the future — it all depends on the choices you make, but it sure does help to get into a respected university to help you along. Sigh. Here’s to hitting the books and succumbing to the life of a ‘hardworking’ student!

Over and out.

*I may not be able to reblog, tweet or Facebook as often as I would like to, but please humour a girl and check them out. Just follow the links and ta-da!


Musings of a Stagnant Mind

I really don’t see the point of being in school today. It’s the last week of term and even the teachers have this devil-may-care attitude. Oh, don’t get me wrong – they’re still assigning students work (completing two booklets for English and a PowerPoint presentation for Media), but some don’t even bother to show up in classes!! Admittedly, the higher ups tell me they were gone for “training”… I just wish I could be at home right now, asleep in my soft and comfy and really, really warm bed.

The works aren’t due until school starts up again in September, anyway. In student time, that’s practically years away.

It’s my free period (the only proper one I seem to have, apparently) and I. am. bored. I could be reading right now, finish the books I have to read for English. Hell, I could be working on my Media ppt presentation. I just couldn’t be bothered to. The sun is bloody shining and it’s the start of summer! What on earth am I doing in this school?!

My mind craves stimulation, like I need a puzzle to solve or have an intense conversation with someone. I’d hate for my mental processes to stagnate; I don’t have a quick mind or anything, but I feel like if I don’t use it enough over a period of time, I just lose the use of it. Does that even make sense? Or have I been reading too many Sherlock fanfictions?

Hmm. I shall need to psychoanalyse myself later on. Meanwhile, I’m going to go and hug a tree… or something. Anything to cure me of this boredom.

Over and out.

Productive… What does that mean again?

This pretty much summed up the past few days for me

If it weren’t for the fact that it’s the Christmas holidays for me, I would be screwed. Royally. Not only have I not touched the Maths booklet filled with past exam questions to prepare for the January exams, but as of now, I can’t tell the different between integration and differentiation. And school begins on the 9th.

Like I said, royally screwed.

The ironic thing is, I remember thinking this past December how I’m going to maximise my time this 2012. I had a neat New Year’s Resolution thing going on in my head and everything. I suppose it would’ve helped if I had written the list down — to solidify the idea and all that — but was too lazy.

See the cycle?

I honestly think I’m cursed. I can’t get myself out of this funk. I have so many things to do, it’s probably wise to actually do them instead of discuss them. But meh, I’m not claiming to be wise. I’ll leave that for Dumbledore.

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

(Please laugh, because none of my friends understand my Harry Potter jokes… either that or I’m just not funny >_<).

Anyway, I need to pull out the nerdy glasses and study my socks off. I need to do my best for the A-levels, otherwise my mum is gonna kill me.

Oh well. Wish me luck?

Me, a Senior? That’s a Foreign Concept

Even though technically, since I’m writing this out during the summer, I’m not a senior. Yes, I’ve graduated from tenth grade and the next step for me is eleventh grade, but that doesn’t mean I can call myself a senior. Well… not yet at least. Just a month more to go!

Garsh, I don’t know if I should be excited or nervous.

On the one hand, I get to see my friends and (though I cringe as I type this) the teachers again. On the other, it’s school. ‘Nuff said, right?

Either way, it’s coming whether I like it or not, so I’m pretty much trying my best to stay positive about this. I mean, my junior year passed by in a flash, so perhaps senior year will be just the same. Albeit, it would be bittersweet. I guess I’m just looking forward to college and living on my own.

Oh, look at me. I’m yammering on and on about being a senior and I don’t even know what it is. Not completely, anyway. So, as always when I’m faced with a problem I could not solve using my intellect, I go to the internet! The Google search engine, to be more precise.

According to Wikipedia:

“High school in the Philippines refers to 4 years of education after 6–7 years of grade school. Children normally enter high school from age 13 or 14 and complete it when they reach age 16 or 17… Classes in the Philippines run from June to March. The levels are usually identified as First, Second, Third and Fourth Year and informally identified by counterpart names in college (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior and senior).”

According to the Urban Dictionary (and this is the more entertaining meaning):

“A senile old man or woman.”

Wait, that’s not right. Let me try again.

“Seniors are made to destroy any self confidence that freshman may have gained in their past 8 years of schooling. And they do a fantastic job.”

“By far, probably one of the best year out of all four. Pretty exciting, everyone wants to be you, full of great memories.”

Well, I never knew terms such as freshman, sophomore, etc. came form the college counterparts. I thought it was the other way around. Whaddaya know, you learn something everyday! Being a senior sounds fun, and I’m really, really, looking forward to it.