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Oh No!

I got a new music fix.

And I first encountered it when I looking through YouTube for Sherlock fanvids, so see? Something good does come out of being a Sherlock fangirl.


Okay, without further ado I bring you “Oh No!” by Marina and the Diamonds featured in this awesome-tastic Sherlock video made, I presume, some time after the first season. (Please don’t be shocked by all the pink.)

It’s seriously one of my favorite songs right now, it’s not even funny. I’ve listened to it so much I’ve been banned from listening to it in Spotify, and so I’m making do with YouTube -_-‘ Anyway, as long as I can sing aloud and dance to it, I’m happy.

Sort of. Because this song is so true to me I can’t help but think think think (did anyone see Winnie the Pooh there or was it just me?) about how it speaks about my own personality… So good on ya, Miss Marina. You made me feel normal which, admittedly, is a rare thing.

Over and out.

Feb29th Post: The Day in the Life of the One Called Me

You may or may not know, but apart from the fact that it’s an additional day to the month, February 29 is significant to a lot of people. Those who have access to the internet, particularly, and of those mostly are bloggers. (Here’s to hoping that Sherlock’s blogger, Dr. John Watson, will partake in this event as well.)

To read more about the Feb29th, follow this link. The passage below is my contribution. Please read it with the voice of a slightly sarcastic, dry and better-than-thou viewpoint — to be fair, I am in the middle of watching the first season of House M.D., so the doctor’s personality has seeped off to me.

I blame osmosis, and therefore science.

Technically it’s still the 28th, but seeing as I’m going to be busy the whole day tomorrow with school and various relating works therein (homework, projects, playing nice-nice with teachers and classmates), I might as well get this over with.

On the 29th, as I’ve stated above, I’m going to be in school. I’ll (hopefully, if I remember to set the alarm) wake up at 7, be ready to leave by 8 and start lessons properly by 9. I’ll have English class first and talk about Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’, then I’ll have Statistics class and learn about Regression, whatever that is.

Break time is when I’ll settle myself in the Common Room and sneakily eat some sort of snack while I check my Facebook messages, Twitter updates and blog stats — and my email, if I have enough time.

After break I will have to endure an hour’s worth of Media class, where I’ll be subjected to talking about zombies and how interesting it is to make a film about them. Yay me. Good thing after that I have a solid block of Private Study, where I can read to my heart’s content… oh wait, don’t I have an interview after 12?

Yes. Yes, I do.

I think I’ll have to skip the latter half of Private Study, gather my things and casually stroll out through the school gates (with permission from the Higher Authorities, of course). I’ll most probably buy something to-go for lunch, but after that it’s free reign.

With the interview done, homework somewhat attempted and a research data compilation put off for the next day, I’m ready to actually start my day: Tumblin’ my way through the Sherlock, Harry Potter and Doctor Who fandom.

This is the life of the average me. A teenager. Female. Likes to call herself a nerd, but really it’s just the current label she’s obsessed about. Three years ago it was emo. Now? She’s just obsessing over male protagonists with high cheekbones.

I Am Sher-locked.

It all began with an innocent browse through TumblrI didn’t mind it at first because I’m fiercely loyal to my affiliations, and one of the reasons why I set up a Tumblr account was so I can look at Harry Potter memes to my heart’s content. (And Doctor Who. And the occasional Lord of the Rings.)

Then there was that one time a couple of days ago… I got this sudden urge to watch Sherlock Holmes. I mean, I like the movies well enough, but I couldn’t bring myself to commit to another TV show, since I feel that with Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory and Friends, I have enough to be getting on with. I’m not really sure if it was the steady stream of Sherlock-related memes or the fact that there seemed to be a lot of them that particular day, but I found myself watching the show one night.

And guess what?

I loved it. I frickin’ loved it.

It’s fast paced. It keeps you on your toes. The plots for each episode are well-done, and that’s a given because Moffat is part of the team (in case you don’t know, he’s part of Doctor Who as well). Of course, there’s also Cumberbatch’s voice — that voice! — and Freeman’s occasionally funny Hobbit walk. Oh, and don’t forget Cumberbatch’s cheekbones… must never forget the cheekbones. *cheeky grin*