Efforts in Balancing

This is me making up for my admiration of the Twilight Saga. Sorry, Potterverse! *sheepish smile*

The pictures are clearly not mine, having found them in this wonderful Tumblr account. If you’re a Pothead, you better subscribe to it. And if you’re a bigger Pothead, subscribe to my account as well. It’s not officially Harry Potter related, but I reblog a lot of Potter things ;)


Watch the Speeches at the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Premiere

I’ve seen the reactions to these speeches first in Tumblr and then in YouTube, and I have half a mind to not watch them myself because I don’t want to make myself sad and despondent and depressed. That, and I already have a runny nose from a cold and I don’t want to make it worse by crying.

You have to admit though, the post-Potter Depression is a real thing.

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Empire Magazine, a Harry Potter Special



It might sound a little out there, the way I managed to nab this copy of Empire Magazine. The magazine can be bought in England. I live in the Philippines and, if you know your geography well, that is as far away from England as possible. I never left Asia. My mother went to England in June. She came to the Philippines and handed me the magazine, and I was all smiles.

Sounds a bit too much for just a simple magazine, doesn’t it?

But that’s the thing. It’s not just a simple magazine. It’s Harry Potter special. Though I haven’t read it yet (I’ve been busy like a bee), I know that there’s a booklet full of behind the scenes information about the actors Daniel, Emma, Rupert, Bonnie, Tom, James and Oliver, and Evanna.

Yeah — I know, right?! I just had to get a copy. I don’t care what measures I had to take…

… Fortunately, my mother had already schedule a trip to England. My hopes of getting a copy of the magazine weren’t very high, but when she announced that she was going, I was beyond beyond beyond ecstatic. She was going to scout colleges for me, and a little thing such as a magazine would be no trouble for her. So, voilà! Weeks later, I’m hugging my own copy of Empire Magazine.

I have the best mom ever. That is not an exaggeration; it is a fact. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t understand. It’s not just the Harry Potter magazine. It’s about the Doctor Who DVDs (season 4 and 5) as well. It’s about the little key chain she got me, knowing my affinity — or I should say obsession — for them. It’s about accompanying me as I move back to England, where I’ll mostly be independent.

My mom is the best. Beat that.

2011 MTV Movie Awards

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time (at least a week). When the day finally came, my brother woke me up from my much needed sleep, only to realize that it was just a commercial playing and not the actual Awards show. So, after having only about six hours of sleep, I dutifully kept awake until 8 o’clock came and the show aired. Through the very funny moments, the excitement and my grandmother’s reprimands to turn the volume down, I came to this conclusion:


#8 – A picture that makes you laugh

I have a very strange sense of humour. Some of the things my friends find funny, I find utterly ridiculous and find absolutely no humour in it. The things I find funny, however, my friends find confusing. Most likely because my sense of humour revolves around shared understanding… like this:

Or this:

Since no one is my class is as avid a fan as me (of both Harry Potter and Twilight), no one really understand why I find the aforementioned pictures funny. I just do, okay?

#6 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

I really do try not to revel in discontent. I accept who I am, I accept the circumstances I’m in, I accept the blessings God has given me, and even the hardships I accept. But I’m only human, and humans aren’t infallible. To be someone else for a day would mean a release from the everyday humdrum of my life.

So… who would I choose? Well, that’s easy. I want to be someone famous. However, here comes the not-quite-easy part: which famous person do I want to be for a day? The first people who came to mind were:

  1. Emma Watson (who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie franchise) because she gets to be a wonderful actress and model, hang out with Daniel Radcliffe and still she’s smart enough to be accepted to Brown University.
  2. Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga) because, unlike other girls, she has a devil-may-care attitude with how she looks. She’s like a rocker inspiration for me.
  3. Dakota Fanning, just in principle because she’s roughly my age and already successful.

It’s very difficult to choose, I know. And quite selfish, actually. I know it’s just going to be for a day and everything, but there’s a selfish part of me that wants more. All those people I’ve listed above were famous and successful from a very young age. I see a good role model in Emma, a good fashion guru in Kristen, and I see what I could’ve been in another universe (I doubt it, but humor me) in Dakota.

Yes, I want to be successful someday, but wouldn’t it have been better if I come to that myself? Just me and plain ol’ elbow grease.

So in conclusion, if given the chance to be someone else for a day, I’d like to be myself. Albeit, an older, richer, more well-known and successful version of myself.