Now This Is Just Ridiculous

Heatwave, anyone?

According to my BBC Weather app (yes, I have one!), it’s 23 degrees Centigrade — that’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, I’m no expert at climate temperatures or anything like that… but isn’t England supposed to be, y’know, cold? I understand that’s it’s summer and apparently we had a very light winter, but I know it shouldn’t be this hot.

I’ve lived in the Philippines and I swear it was never like this. Though, it’s not like my word has any merit on this matter, given that I spent most of my time either in an air-conditioned classroom, an air-conditioned car or an air-conditioned bedroom… See the pattern? This might be a sign saying I ought to invest in a fan.

I should get one of those portable ones that can hang around your neck. That way, I can have carry it around in school and be all like “I’m the boss of this heatwave.”

And the teachers can’t tell me to turn it off because I’m sure it’s against the law somewhere to slowly boil a teenager alive. It would be a cruel and unusual punishment…

Okay, my thoughts have returned to school. Damn. I really should get back to my work — lots to do, so little time. And I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck??

Over and out. I hope you guys have a bucket of ice cream — or at the very least just a bucket of ice — to keep you sane.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

Canterbury Cathedral, taken just yesterday

This is my first winter in England for a long, long time and I am completely a little mesmerised by the complete change of scene. I mean, the foggy breaths, the winter shoes and the skeletal trees? What’s not to love? It’s completely different from what I’d be experiencing if I was back in the Philippines. This time last year, I believe I’d be in my shorts and slippers complaining that the air conditioner was weak.

How times change, eh?


=S The title says it all.

I’m conflicted, people! I honestly don’t know if what I did was right or wrong, and there’s a niggling part of my conscience that just. won’t. go. away.

This is the second time it’s happened. I was walking through town — y’know, minding my own beeswax — when a person approached me and asked for spare change. Now, coming from the Philippines, my experience with people who asked for money in the streets tells me to just ignore and walk away as fast as you can. My grandparents explained to me that it’s illegal to ask for money from strangers, and an ex-teacher of mine explained that if they’re begging you for money, then just give food instead so that the money won’t be spent on drugs or whatever.

But this isn’t the Philippines. England isn’t a third world country, and just looking at the guy who asked me for spare change told me enough that he was not starving for food. It didn’t help that he was seated at the front steps of the church I go to, so a part of me is feeling very conflicted.

Should I have given him the few coins in my purse, or was I correct to have just walked away?

I feel bad, really, because I knew if I were in that situation, I would be madder than mad that the person I approached rebuffed my pleas. It was rude, selfish and greedy. But still, with the etiquette that I grew accustomed with, shouldn’t my behaviour be forgiven?

Well, I have no idea… hence the conflicted feelings spinning inside me.

Oh well. I’m off to do homework…

I Have The Worst Luck

The one time my mom and I decide to stay in and rest for the day, it’s the time the sun decides to come out.

Either my mom really attracts bad weather (it’s a running joke in the family), or the sun really has no consideration for all the poor people who just recently moved from the sunny, humid Philippines to the freezing cold that is England. Honestly, I think my mind still thinks it’s in the Philippines. I know what you’re thinking: how could she not know you’re in England? Well, if you see me right now wearing pajamas that befit a summer holiday in the Bahamas despite the fact that I just went shopping for awesome long-sleeved one, you’ll know why.

Here’s some more pictures of this awesome day.


Empire Magazine, a Harry Potter Special



It might sound a little out there, the way I managed to nab this copy of Empire Magazine. The magazine can be bought in England. I live in the Philippines and, if you know your geography well, that is as far away from England as possible. I never left Asia. My mother went to England in June. She came to the Philippines and handed me the magazine, and I was all smiles.

Sounds a bit too much for just a simple magazine, doesn’t it?

But that’s the thing. It’s not just a simple magazine. It’s Harry Potter special. Though I haven’t read it yet (I’ve been busy like a bee), I know that there’s a booklet full of behind the scenes information about the actors Daniel, Emma, Rupert, Bonnie, Tom, James and Oliver, and Evanna.

Yeah — I know, right?! I just had to get a copy. I don’t care what measures I had to take…

… Fortunately, my mother had already schedule a trip to England. My hopes of getting a copy of the magazine weren’t very high, but when she announced that she was going, I was beyond beyond beyond ecstatic. She was going to scout colleges for me, and a little thing such as a magazine would be no trouble for her. So, voilà! Weeks later, I’m hugging my own copy of Empire Magazine.

I have the best mom ever. That is not an exaggeration; it is a fact. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t understand. It’s not just the Harry Potter magazine. It’s about the Doctor Who DVDs (season 4 and 5) as well. It’s about the little key chain she got me, knowing my affinity — or I should say obsession — for them. It’s about accompanying me as I move back to England, where I’ll mostly be independent.

My mom is the best. Beat that.

I Have The Best Aunt Ever!

It’s the truth. I’m telling you no lies. My mother’s older sister (not to mention my only aunt who isn’t related by marriage) is the best aunt you could ask for. Well, she’s the best I could ask for anyhow. ^_^

So why is she the best aunt ever, you may ask? It all began a couple of days ago when my mom told me I have to make a Curriculum Vitae and send it to the school I plan on enrolling in the UK. It’s the same school that a friend and ex-classmate of mine is currently going to, so she’s been a big help with the support, even going as far emailing me a copy of her CV herself.

I was going crazy, to tell you the truth. I had no idea what a CV was until that night — I had to Google it and you know how confusing internet explanations can be. But I pressed on. I opened Microsoft Word and typed up my name and contact information. Then I just begged off and procrastinated for a few days. Then just last night, I got off my lazy backside and finally finished the document.

I sent a copy to my mom for a review, but she told me that she didn’t know what else to add to it to make it better, so she referred me to her sister and my aunt. She lives in the US with three of my adorable cousins — gosh, I miss them. Anyway, my aunt had a lot of things to say about my CV, and she pointed out some things that I needed to change. She even sent me a link, which was very helpful.

Here’s my conclusion:

  1. CVs are tough things to write because you don’t want to come off as bragging.
  2. I’m blessed to have such a supportive family because without them I don’t know where I’ll be.
  3. I’m excited to move to England, despite knowing that I’d miss my friends and family.
Whew. Over and out.

Hair-Pulling and Head-Banging, Second Edition

Here we are: another dose of a frustrated rant, only this time instead of feeling trapped in an island far away from communication, I feel like I’m being pulled in two separate directions — and it’s all me. Nothing to do with other people. Just me.

I’d say I’m too young to make this decision, but I’d be bluffing. I’m not too young — heck, I think it’s about time I take responsibility with my education. So here’s the gist (so far, anyway):

  • It’s been a developing idea for years, ever since my family and I left England, that I would go to college there. The problem? Going to school here in the Philippines means I didn’t take my GCSEs and I really need them, plus my A-Levels, to get into a college in the UK.
  • If I go to school here in June, I’ll be a Senior — and I don’t want to miss out on that. If I go to school in England (on September), I’d have to re-take lessons to catch up and I probably won’t graduate until two years from now.
  • Speaking of graduation, if I hadn’t been enrolled in an international school (US, not UK), I’d be graduating from high school. There was an extra grade added in the elementary years for “transitioning”, though the work load is designed for high school freshmen.
  • For the first time ever since it’s creation four years ago, the Student Council moved its election from the beginning of the school year to the end of the previous one so that “the officers can meet up during the summer and work on various projects.” (Not that I’m against that or anything, but I haven’t been notified of any meetings whatsoever.) Anyway, this means that I’m already the Treasurer for the SY 2011-2012.
  • Taking that two year thing in England, I’d most likely be re-learning the things I already know, seeing as the sophomore curriculum in Bethel International School is the same as any senior curriculum in other schools in the Philippines.
  • But on the up side, I’d be in England with my friends. Only, they’d be moving on to college and i’d be stuck in high school. Can you imagine it? Me, having to take five years worth of lessons — six if you include that extra grade in elementary — before I could be free of high school.

You’d think that after all my complaints and pleas to be able to at least visit England or move back there in the past years, I’d be excited to take this opportunity. But I’m not, and that’s my problem. It wasn’t my number one choice to live here in the Philippines with my grandparents while my mom is on the other side of the world… but I’ve learned to deal with it.

Besides, I’ve grown to like it here. I’ve grown to like Bethel, my peers and especially my classmates. Like I’ve mentioned in this blog’s Student Life section, me and my classmates, we’re like family. If I do decide to move back to England, that would mean settling in with different people whom I know would be different than me — that’s not saying much though, since I’m an oddball even with my friends here. XD

Anyway, whatever my decision, I hope it would be the best one for me. This is my education I’m talking about, and I’d rather choose the option that can help me achieve my goals. Not to sound crass, but in my sixteen years of existence, I’ve spotted a pattern: you move into a new place, you make connections, you begin to settle and then BAM! you have to move away again and then those connections fade.

It’s just a part of life.

There’s on use denying it.

So this is me, pulling my hair out of its roots and banging my head slowly on my desk (or whatever smooth surface I can find). Over and out.

Pulled an All-Nighter

Woah, I just spent the entire night video chatting on Suffice to say, I’ve never done that before and as the saying goes, “there’s a first time for everything.”

I’m not tired, but I am feeling the beginning stages of drowsiness with my eyes feeling heavy and all. But it was all worth it. *insert huge smile here* Got to chat with my best friend, who by the way lives all the way in England, and it has been a treat. Tonight was wonderful. ^_^

(Hears somebody moving upstairs.)

Yikes! I gotta go before someone catches me up. I better head off to bed. Over and out!

Gotta Love Video Conferencing

Ask me what video conferencing is before last night and I will answer you with a blank face. Despite the fact that yes, I am an avid user of the internet, I’m not that interested in connecting with other people other than in Facebook. I used to have Yahoo! Messenger, but then I lost that when my old laptop died on me and since then, I figured with the dial-up connection that I have, there was no use downloading a new one.

But then last night happened. My best friend from England sent me this link to so that we can use our webcams to see each other and, what can I say, I was floored by the results.

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve caught up with my best friend. Yeah, we talk on Facebook and all that, but it’s really much, much better to be able to see each other, even if it’s just on the computer screen. Which is why, though I’m not a big fan of chatting or anything of the sort, I had fun chatting with my best friend.

It gives me a warm feeling that even though we’re separated by countries and seas and continents, even though we haven’t seen each other in real life since 2007, we can still be friends. Who says a long distance relationship is destined to not work out? With the wonders of technology and internet nowadays, you can do anything.

#5 – A picture of your favorite memory

I won’t say that I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan out there since I don’t go out of my way to buy the books (though I’ve read all of them). I don’t re-read them either just for the sake of it, except when I need to for one of my fan fiction. But I’d like to think of myself as one of the avid fans. Harry Potter has had a huge impact on my life and how I grew up — it still has, actually, since I’m still growing up.

My favorite memory was when my best friend gifted me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The memory’s quite fuzzy now, but I remember watching Order of the Phoenix with her and her family as well.

You might be wondering why she went to all the trouble. Well, that’s because my family and I were leaving — not just leaving the town, but the country. After living the last few years in England, my mother decided that we all move back to the Philippines.

I didn’t know then how much I’d be missing my best friend. I didn’t know then how much I’d be missing my old school, the friends I’ve made there, and the freedom I felt just running around the town. My copy of Deathly Hallows is a special copy because, every time I look at it, I get a flashback of what my life used to be…

…Well, that and because the book is now one of my treasured possessions and I just love the Harry Potter series that much. ;D