Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

The very first thing — or I suppose, very first person —  that comes to my mind when I think of geometry is my old Geometry teacher back when I used to go to Bethel International School. I remember him to be easy-going and the class found him hilarious (his sense of humor catered to teenagers, shall we say). We only had him for a year before he became our Physics teacher.

Anyway, posting a picture of him feels a bit like cheating, so I decided with this one instead:

This picture was taken nearly three years ago, way back in April 2010. It was after a very long, very dull rehearsal for the end of school year’s Recognition Ceremony and I can’t really remember why, but my brother and I were hanging around this monument located somewhere in Tacloban City. I took pictures because back then, my camera and I were literally attached at the hip (I’ve had bruises to show for it!).

I have no idea what the statue stands for; I was quite ignorant back then. I still am now, actually, but I’d like to think that my awareness of current events has improved somewhat. After all, I know that Obama has been re-elected as the US president because it said so on Tumblr.

Um, yeah. Okay. Over and out!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Big


It seems I’m a couple days late… again. A new challenge has been issued (Silhouette) but I’m still working on last week’s, which was BIG. What I have to show for that is one abnormally sized bourbon biscuit — yummy!!

They were kind enough to give me a fork… to eat a biscuit with.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Whew, it seems like eternity has passed since I last did a Weekly Photo Challenge! I have no excuse other than the challenges didn’t really go with the things I did, and it’s such a shame that I’ve been so busy that I rarely have time to actually look… which kinda explains why my picture for this week is the way it is.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, what I see every day — and by every day, I just mean Mondays to Fridays.

It’s not much. There’s nothing profound or awe-inspiring about this. What can I say? My life is caged by this thing called school -_-‘

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey


I was going to put up a picture of the rock band Journey for a laugh, but then changed my mind because I didn’t feel like I deserve it (my only experience with it being from the first season of Glee). So… earwig oh!

This is why I enjoy window seats - no, my brother did not beat me to the aisle seat -_-'

Oh, and I apologize for the totally lame ‘earwig’ joke.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This past Saturday I, and two of my friends, took advantage of the beautiful day and wandered explored one of the parks of the town. To be quite honest, despite having lived in this town for approximately half a year, not once did it occur to me that there would be more than one park. I mean, they don’t call Kent the “garden of England” for nothing. For what I’ve seen so far of the area, it’s a very breathtaking place.

I’m posting two pictures from the day, the first is a view through the tree branches and you could see on the left the beam of the small arch that, apparently, they sometimes use for concerts? The dipping field (and or) the small patch of grass is where my friends and I spent a good chunk of time soaking in the sun.

Ahhh, good times…

This second picture is on our way back home. We were following the river that bisects the town, and it amazed me how we could have spent the majority of the afternoon being surrounded by nature, when only after fifteen minutes’ worth of walking we found ourselves back at the heart of town. The change in scenery was gradual, but the contrast took me by surprise.

Not quite through the bridge as it is going under it... but it's the same difference :P

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


I just love the British countryside. It’s so… refreshingly wow. Y’know?

With the drooping leaves and the bright clouds, this is easily my favorite shot...

I’m taking the easy way out with this challenge and simply just took pictures of the sky with a shadowed foreground. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I’ve never been good with waiting. Either I’m right on time or slightly late because to stand alone makes me feel like I’m on exhibition or something, and that gives me uncomfortable butterflies in my stomach. It’s an icky feeling I try to avoid. Anyway, the following pictures are of me… waiting.

Waiting for food to arrive, actually. When I’m bored, I take pictures ^__^

So sleepy I can't even sit up... And I don't think the pink helped >_< My first trip to Cebu had me waking up at the earliest hours of the morning.

One of my last family meals in the Philippines. It's in a native restaurant, so the banana leaf place mat is... yeah. Taken in Manila.

Bottle cap rings. In my defence, I was utterly exhausted on the flight arriving here in England. My brain was kind of on 'random' mode. I think I figured myself artistic then... XD




Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

These pictures were taken yesterday at Mote Park, when my friends and I were hanging out. It was a fun afternoon, experiencing the beauty of nature and the simplicity of just being. We ran around and giggled and jumped and pretty much acted like the giddy schoolgirls that we were.

Oh, and by the way, the birds aren’t fenced away from the public like the picture suggest; it’s just the way I’ve taken the shot. I’m quite proud of these shots, actually. ^_^

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset


Four out of five of these pictures were taken at the very end of my family’s trip to Palawan. We were on the flight back to Manila, and I was fortunate enough to have a window seat. Suffice to say, I annoyed my brother by taking picture after picture after picture.

The fifth picture was taken a year or so ago from outside my grandparent’s house. It was one of those off days in which I actually stepped out of my room and ‘frolicked’ in the outside world.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

This picture was taken at a Barrio Fiesta I attended in London. And yes, I am aware of how strange that sounds. A barrio fiesta… in London? I don’t really get it myself but judging from what I saw at the event, it was just a gathering of all the Filipinos in the area regardless of where you came from in the Philippines. There were lots of food and business stalls. It was basically just a business opportunity for those international call companies or whatever.

It was a fun day, overall. I had a lot of fun taking random pictures, especially of the sky and clouds. It really was a wonderful day, weather-wise. ^__^