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Merlin’s Beard!

That title? A little Harry Potter joke to commemorate the best-est Media class ever, which I had today: our teacher played a Half-Blood Prince on the laptop while he had one-to-one sessions with each student. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a Distinction. Can anyone say booyah!?

But, surprising as it is, this post will not be about Harry Potter. It will be about this amazing thing right here:

Colin Morgan, you flawless human being (Series 5 of Merlin)

I am serious. This show just kills me — and I mean that it the nicest way possible. What sucks about following TV shows is that there are breaks in between series (I know, shocker). It’s a little known fact that I’m not a patient person… I’m inherently selfish when it comes to my TV shows. I like watching them all in one go. Sometimes, I deliberately wait until a season ends before I watch it. It’s a strange habit, but there you go.

Anyway, the wait for “the proper shows”* to air again is positively harrowing. Merlin, Doctor Who — and don’t you get me started on Sherlock. As a big fan of the three shows, it’s safe to say that I’m part of the fandoms more or less.

My favorite hangout is Tumblr… and the occasional LiveJournal community.

The thing is, I’ve seen so much hate surrounding the Merlin series. Something about the poor narrative arcs and acting… and you know what? Who the hell cares? You can say all the bad things that you want about how badly the writers have treated Lancelot, how cringe-worthy Morgana’s heavily-made-up-face-and-smirk routine going on, and how there’s homoerotic tension between Merlin and Arthur, but at the end of the day you can’t escape the fact that it’s a successful show.

Having dabbled in the fandom, I’ve seen the fans that the show has. The show must be doing something right.

Okay, that’s my rant pretty much over and done with.

Bottom line:

  1. Colin Morgan is flawless
  2. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the fifth season of Merlin to air, and
  3. How about the third season for Sherlock?

Over and out.

*This is just a reference to the shows I consider “improper”… like reality TV. And competition shows. It’s just not my thing.

Wrocking and Trocking

No, these are not the names of dwarfs, believe me.

Before I can go crazy and gush about how awesome WROCK and TROCK are, let me first explain what they are about.

Wrock, short for Wizard Rock, is an indie music movement in which people write and perform songs inspired by the Harry Potter book series. It is a growing fandom within a fandom, with hundreds of bands around the world, many of whom tour and produce CDs. Wizard rock began as a Myspace phenomenon, but it is receiving recognition as a legitimate genre that spans all styles of music.

Trock, short for Time Lord Rock,

is a wave of music started by YouTube partner Nerimon and his band Chameleon Circuit. Styles of music can vary from hard-rock to acoustic, but the underlying theme is the adventures of Doctor Who, or, most recently, the Tenth Doctor, as portrated by David Tennant.
Trock is a musical wave similar to Wizard Rock and mirrors the idea that fans of the series can create musical fusion in their bedrooms with just a guitar or keyboard, and then post it on YouTube.

Source: urbandictionary.com

Too long, didn’t read? Bottom line: while they are not officially a genre of music yet, they are definitely a part of the fandoms just like conventions and fan art and fan fiction. This is fan music.

I discovered wrock before trock and fell in love with The Ministry of Magic. They’re music remind me of some kind of techno/pop/dance fusion except, of course, the songs are about Harry Potter… though, there are some songs that are so vague they can be “normal” songs. Ha, but the Pottergeek in me just can’t help but see it as a Harry Potter fan song. I mean, I already do see Harry Potter references in “normal” songs given the fangirl that I am, so yeah.

It’s a lost cause.

Trock, on the other hand, took some time to take a hold on me. Personally, I blame the fact that I listened to the wrong bands. Now? I’m currently listening to Chameleon Circuit, specifically “Kiss The Girl” — really, how can you not like the line “monkeys, monkeys, monkeys…” It’s so random if Continue reading

The Complete and Utter Insanity of Simply Being

I am so completely and utterly depressed right now, I don’t even have the heart — or the energy — to get off of my backside, go to the fridge and fish out the ice cream.

It all started three days ago (well, I think it was three days ago) when I had this idea that I should make a fan video based on my fandoms. It’s the Easter holidays, I have basically two weeks of doing absolutely nothing and I. AM. BORED. So I started the video and it turns out all the programs I tried out didn’t come close as being as awesome as iMovie.

So yeah, I’m ruined by my school’s superior software.

After I decided to give that particular project up, I know need to do something else… but for the life of me I have no idea what to do!!

  • I want to get out of the house but it’s such gloomy weather out.
  • I’d ask my friends to hang out with me but I know they’re busy with their own lives.
  • There’s coursework that need finishing, but who does that an entire week before school begins again?

I wish I could do something to make life memorable. You know that saying YOLO, you only live once? (No, I have checked and it does not mean you obviously like oreos.) Well, given that I know I shouldn’t be wasting my time like this, but… look what I found on Tumblr! Ha!

RPG, you are beautiful surrounded by these pretties. You help to alleviate the ache in my heart :’)

Ginny Weasley, The Defense Of

I was reading an article a couple of nights ago about Ginny Weasley not being the right one for the Boy Who Lived, Chosen One, Guy Who Offed The One With No Nose et cetera, et cetera… Well, after reading it I was so hyped up about it that I *cough* casually wrote up this response instead of finishing up that research assignment I had due the next day.

Oh, but no worries. I finished that assignment in time! After I had searched within myself and found a means by which I could express my thoughts on the Harry/Ginny shipping. Cue the online rant!

I know there are a lot of people who hate Ginny — I think there are more Ginny haters than there are Ginny lovers, but either way I can see where each side of the competition is coming from. However, I really do believe that Harry belongs with GinnyIt’s what Rowling wanted, isn’t it?

Yes, she wasn’t featured much in the books. But the books are not a love story — one of the main themes might be love and its power to conquer evil, but it’s not a love story with mushy dates and passionate snog sessions. It’s about other things: love of friends, of family… of redemption, loss of innocence.

It could be argued that Hermione would go very well with Harry. I honestly think that this is just strongly influenced by the films; you can’t deny that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have strong chemistry, and it doesn’t help that Yates is a Harmony shipper and disliked Hinny (I know, ridiculous ship name XD), but still Hermione chose Ron. Ron made her happy, not Harry. Besides, I think Harry would go bonkers with Hermione’s nagging and Hermione would drive herself mad with Harry’s roller coaster moods.

Hermione might have been there for Harry for all the hard times, but it wasn’t her who was able to put him in place when he was acting like a prat in OotP. Ginny did. Hermione simply didn’t understand how to get to him, no matter how much she tried.

Another argument is the possibility of Harry being pared with another character such as Cho or Luna. Well, Cho was a disaster, hung up as she was with Cedric. I can’t blame her for that since I do think she felt something for Harry; the timing was just wrong for the two of them. Harry wasn’t emotionally mature yet when they were dating, and she was still grieving. If they hadn’t dated in 5th year then perhaps something could have happenedafter the two of them got over their demons. Still, Cedric is still too big a factor to consider, though it could work since Angelina and George had Fred’s death to bind them along with their friendship. (I don’t mean to sound harsh, but it’s true.)

As for Luna, she’s more like the spiritual friend for Harry than anything. They both could see Thestrals and she helped him accept Sirius’ death, but Harry is too grounded a person to actually develop anything with Luna beyond their friendship. They went on a date, but that was just as friends. It shows how comfortable they are with each other, knowing that they could do on a dinner date without either of them confusing the situation as more than anything than friends going to a party together.

Just because Ginny was not mentioned in the books very much, doesn’t mean her personality is not right for Harry. There were many indirect characterizations through Harry’s experience with her family as well. Rowling herself made is so that Harry and Ginny were the only ones that Voldemort had possessed, binding them together. Ginny had won that Quidditch match against Cho, a symbolism of her being a better match for Harry. She might not be as smart as Hermione, but Harry isn’t looking for braniac intelligence for a match, just someone who can handle being with him when he’s in one of his moods. As for any inspiring advice, wasn’t it Ginny who said “…anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve?”

So yeah, I don’t mind the odd Harry/other character shipping every once in a while, but at heart I’m a strong Harry/Ginny shipper. They’re canon, and it’s slightly disrespectful to go against the author, don’t you think?

This was probably messy and my points were everywhere all at once, but in my defense it was written late at night and… yeah. That’s all I have. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, of course, but this is my view on the shipping.

Link to my favorite -- well, my only -- Harry/Ginny fanfiction website