My Personal Central Perk

I felt like I’ve been running out of things to write about, so I decided to answer one of Daily Post’s promptsWhat is the most relaxing place in your world? If someone asked me that before today then I would’ve answered with my bed, under the covers with a good story to read. But things change, and my recent experiences with life in general changed my “relaxation zone” from my home to coffee houses. Of course, my home is still in the Top Five, so in the words of the 3 Idiot‘s Rancho: all izz well.

So why coffee houses?? Well, for one thing, they have coffee. For another, the new friends I made here in England all like to hang out in Costa (so do I, for that matter). And lastly, did I mention that they have coffee?!

The New Costa Light

I went out with one of my friends to town today and since it rained sporadically, we decided to take shelter in Costa once we finished shopping. The atmosphere was so warm and the coffee so heavenly, I found myself thinking that I could spend a lot of chilly afternoons here and just relax. Read a book. Write stories. Think.

Costa is somehow becoming the Central Perk for my friends and I. We may not spend all of our time there like what Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey do… but we talk about the place so much we might as well be living there! ^__^


I Have The Best Aunt Ever!

It’s the truth. I’m telling you no lies. My mother’s older sister (not to mention my only aunt who isn’t related by marriage) is the best aunt you could ask for. Well, she’s the best I could ask for anyhow. ^_^

So why is she the best aunt ever, you may ask? It all began a couple of days ago when my mom told me I have to make a Curriculum Vitae and send it to the school I plan on enrolling in the UK. It’s the same school that a friend and ex-classmate of mine is currently going to, so she’s been a big help with the support, even going as far emailing me a copy of her CV herself.

I was going crazy, to tell you the truth. I had no idea what a CV was until that night — I had to Google it and you know how confusing internet explanations can be. But I pressed on. I opened Microsoft Word and typed up my name and contact information. Then I just begged off and procrastinated for a few days. Then just last night, I got off my lazy backside and finally finished the document.

I sent a copy to my mom for a review, but she told me that she didn’t know what else to add to it to make it better, so she referred me to her sister and my aunt. She lives in the US with three of my adorable cousins — gosh, I miss them. Anyway, my aunt had a lot of things to say about my CV, and she pointed out some things that I needed to change. She even sent me a link, which was very helpful.

Here’s my conclusion:

  1. CVs are tough things to write because you don’t want to come off as bragging.
  2. I’m blessed to have such a supportive family because without them I don’t know where I’ll be.
  3. I’m excited to move to England, despite knowing that I’d miss my friends and family.
Whew. Over and out.

Pulled an All-Nighter

Woah, I just spent the entire night video chatting on Suffice to say, I’ve never done that before and as the saying goes, “there’s a first time for everything.”

I’m not tired, but I am feeling the beginning stages of drowsiness with my eyes feeling heavy and all. But it was all worth it. *insert huge smile here* Got to chat with my best friend, who by the way lives all the way in England, and it has been a treat. Tonight was wonderful. ^_^

(Hears somebody moving upstairs.)

Yikes! I gotta go before someone catches me up. I better head off to bed. Over and out!

#3 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

I’ve got to say that it was a tough choice between Friends and How I Met Your Mother, but I finally decided on Friends (obviously). Both are very funny and entertaining shows, but Friends is kind of nostalgic for me. I remember watching reruns of it back when I used to live in England.

How I Met You Mother has a special meaning to me also, since it’s one of the few TV shows that my brother and I both like, but it’s the same thing with Friends. And to be honest, Friends is a funnier show for me. ;P