WorldSkills London 2011

Well, this was officially the first school trip for me with my new school. Let’s just say that despite the sore feet — I cannot express how much they hurt by the end of the day — the entire experience was fun. Yeah, there had been complaints about the trip being ‘pointless’ and such, and I understand and feel a little bit the same, but it’s was fun.

I mean, how could a trip to London with my friends be not fun??

Located at the ExCel London convention centre, WorldSkills showcased many hands-on skills from carpentry to floristry and from landscaping to fashion design. While none of the skills interested me enough to be considered as a choice for my future career, I’m sure other people benefited well from the convention. My friends and I more or less mucked about, and I took plenty of pictures.

Oh, and I’ve also acquired a pretty neat collection of university prospectuses. Y’know, for future reference and stuff… *grin* It’s good to know that I’ve got options. And despite how tempting the Not Going to Uni option is, I must be strong and keep away from it! ^__^ Continue reading


June 16, 2011’s Lunar Eclipse

It was announced on the news last night that there’d be a lunar eclipse and that it’d be visible to the Philippines. I’ve never seen a lunar eclipse before and I’ve never really wanted to. What it is really, is just darkness. Yeah, the Earth blocks the sun’s rays and therefore you won’t see the moon… so what’s so cool about it? I still think a solar eclipse if much more fun.

And before you ask: no, I haven’t seen a solar eclipse either. Not in real life, at least. Movies and previews on the news, sure.

Anyway, I decided to stay up and catch the eclipse last night (not that it was much trouble, being the nocturnal owl that I am). Either there were some clouds last night or my astronomical skills are very lacking. I mean, all I did was look up at the sky and search for that celestial orb. There’s nothing else to it, right?

I didn’t see the lunar eclipse, sadly. I went out periodically to study the night sky but no, I did not see it. I got caught twice by my uncle (which is where I think I got my sleeping habits from), and once my I heard my brother’s alarm for school, I gave up on the effort and pretended to go to sleep. (I didn’t really fall asleep until about an hour later, people are so noisy during the morning… ^_^)

So my nighttime ‘adventure’ was a bust, though I suppose I had fun. I searched up the phenomenon on the Internet as soon as I could, and the pictures that I found were mind boggling. And woah, that Big Man In The Sky sure is amazing for creating something as wonderful as the moon.

image from Huffington Post

2011 MTV Movie Awards

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time (at least a week). When the day finally came, my brother woke me up from my much needed sleep, only to realize that it was just a commercial playing and not the actual Awards show. So, after having only about six hours of sleep, I dutifully kept awake until 8 o’clock came and the show aired. Through the very funny moments, the excitement and my grandmother’s reprimands to turn the volume down, I came to this conclusion: