Pride and Prejudice: Mr Darcy’s First Proposal

Burn, Darcy. Burn!

So we finally covered Mr Darcy’s proposal in English Literature class and let’s just say that as the teacher read the passage, I was mouthing the words and hearing in my mind the swoon-worthy tone of Matthew Macfadyen. I am aware that there are other Mr Darcys out there, though I know the 2004 movie adaptation is far from being the most accurate to the novel, I still think Macfadyen wins as the ‘top Darcy’ simply because of his voice.

Oh, and the passion between their characters! It’s just so… ohmigoshsogreat, y’know?? It completely takes my breath away. And then I thought about my third* favourite Darcy, and how Colin Firth managed to make you feel sorry for him even though he insults Elizabeth so thoroughly. In the 1996 television version, I absolutely love the proposal scene because not only does it stay true to the novel, but Ehle’s coldness was how I imagined Elizabeth to react.

Though Keira Knightley was great and everything, I felt the scene was dramatised too much. I mean, c’mon! The prophetic fallacy? The raining? It get’s old, man. Besides, Ehle’s Elizabeth was strong, and she didn’t nearly kiss Darcy in the heat of passion… unlike Knightley. ^_^

Moving on to the other interpretations of Darcy’s proposal, I came across the 1940s film Continue reading


Give ’em to me!

These are not a list of movies I want to watch. These are a list of movies that I need to watch. For the past year or so, I’ve either seen the posters, the trailers or advertisements for these movies. Some are even movies I’ve vowed to watch but never did such as, two years ago (like Oliver Twist, Sense and Sensibility).

So now I’m making this list, so that I’ll never forget them. The reason why I never watched these movies was because I always forget that I need to watch them, only to be reminded months later that “dang, I haven’t seen that movie yet.” If this has ever happened to you, then you are aware of the feeling if disappointment, discontent and irritation that just swells inside you. I certainly hope I am not alone in this. ^_^

  • The Addams Family (1991)
  • Addams Family Values (1993)
    Film poster for The Addams Family (film) - Cop...

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  • The Opposite of Sex (1998)
  • Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
  • Little Women (1994)
  • Marie Antoinette (2006)
  • Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
  • The Duchess (2008)
  • Northanger Abbey (2007)
  • Never Let Me Go (2010)
  • Let Me In (2010)
  • King Arthur (2004)
  • Princess of Thieves (2001)
  • Oliver Twist (1999)
  • In the Land of Women (2007)
  • Sense and Sensibility (1995)
  • Jane Eyre (1996, but I heard there’s going to be a 2011 film)
  • Romeo and Juliet (1968)
I have no idea where to get these films, seeing as most of them were made years ago. That, and the fact that I do now know any decent movie places where I live. I suppose I should make the most of my time here in Manila and search all movie outlets. Hmm, I was lucky in finding that DVD of Pride and Prejudice TV series — Colin Firth hotness! — perhaps I’ll be lucky again.

It’s A Small World After All

Okay, so here I was sitting in front of the television — it seems the only thing I do these days — watching An Education for the night. It wasn’t my first choice to watch, but seeing as my copy of House, MD Season 7 has up to only episode 13, I was forced to watch the period drama. Not that I mind, since period drama is my thing. The costumes, people! They are interesting.

Anyway, about thirty minutes into the movie, find myself thinking that “Hey, those actors seem familiar to me.” I mean, when the credits were rolling at the beginning, I knew that some of the names were familiar (Carey Mulligan, for example), but my memory responds to images and to faces, not names.

So I searched up An Education on the internet and saw that Jenny Mellor and Rosamund Pike were in Pride and Prejudice as Kitty and Jane Bennet, respectively.

I know, shocker. Oh, and thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Looking through the cast list, I also saw that one of the actors, Dominic Cooper, was in Mamma Mia! with Amanda Seyfried (did I spell that right?).

So, I’ve concluded that yes, it is a small world after all. I never knew who played Kitty Bennet in the film, and it’s like way at the back of my mind that Rosamund is that woman I’m seeing on the screen right now. You see, that’s the funny thing with memories: you never know what you retain. For me, at least.

BTW — that’s “by the way” for those who don’t know IM speak, or simply just incapable of searching through common phrases and matching them to the letters — watch An Education. I’m only forty minutes into the movie, but I was hooked the moment it was obvious that David Goldman (played by Peter Sarsagaard) has the hots for Jenny. I mean, she’s only sixteen. For some reason, I find that interesting.

Oh, yeah… Older men are way hott ^_^ Just don’t tell anyone I said that. Sshh!!