Efforts in Balancing

This is me making up for my admiration of the Twilight Saga. Sorry, Potterverse! *sheepish smile*

The pictures are clearly not mine, having found them in this wonderful Tumblr account. If you’re a Pothead, you better subscribe to it. And if you’re a bigger Pothead, subscribe to my account as well. It’s not officially Harry Potter related, but I reblog a lot of Potter things ;)


The End of an Era

That’s it. Wala na. No more movies.

The era of Harry Potter has ended.

To quote a friend of mine: “I watched Deathly Hallows, Part 2! …What do I do with my life now?” Yes, fans will still continue to read the books, watch the movies and just basically obsess over the entire world of Harry Potter, but you can’t deny that something wonderful and special just ended. There would be no more talks of I can’t wait for the next movie; instead there would be reminisces and Did you remember those seven books/eight movies about that kid with glasses?

If you couldn’t guess, I watched the movie tonight… well, today if you’re picky, since the movie elapsed well into the next morning. I’m not gonna talk about the technicalities of the movie just yet — that is reserved for another post (well, maybe), after I watch the movie a second time — since I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that THE MOVIES ARE OVER.

I cried bawled buckets of tears. My nose was running like an open faucet and my tears were falling like one of nature’s waterfalls. And I think I annoyed my family with my sobs and sniffles and random whispers about the movie/book… *cringe*

Off the top of my head, here are the comments I have of the movie:

  • Helena Bonham Carter did wonderfully playing a Polyjuiced Hermione — she even got the eyebrows thing Emma does when acting!
  • Alan Rickman did wonderfully too. I never did feel for Snape… I mean, I know I should because he’s been practically living his entire life with a broke heart. And I do feel for him, actually; just a little bit. But Alan’s portrayal — whoa. I cried. As in the tears came flowing freely.
  • The scene at the King’s Cross Station was cheesy, and in my opinion the lowest point of the movie. Perhaps it was the lack of glasses for both Harry and Dumbledore. Perhaps it was the fact that it was just so white, or maybe it was because I was too preoccupied staring at Daniel Radcliffe and wondering how big his head was compared to his shoulders… ^__^
  • I don’t think Ron and Hermione’s kiss wouldn’t be voted best kiss for the MTV Movie Awards because they didn’t even show the lip-locking. It’s a bit disappointing, since Emma and Rupert have been talking about how awkward it was to shoot. On the plus side, it wasn’t as disappointing as Harry and Ginny’s kiss.
  • Ginny’s whisper of “I know” to Harry after their kiss is worth mentioning, though. It’s just so Ginny, I’m willing to forgive Bonnie’s acting for it.
  • The best scene of the movie was Neville cutting of Nagini’s head. Matthew Lewis really did steal the show for me.
  • Despite Ron and Hermione being love interests, I can’t help but keep noticing the chemistry between Hermione and Harry — or I suppose Emma and Daniel. Near the ending when the Trio were holding hands, Hermione was closer to Harry than to Ron, her boyfriend.
  • And my most anticipated scene of the entire movie, THE EPILOGUE, was quite disappointing. I dunno, I just expected more. It was still nice, though.
All right, I’m off to cry some more now. Oh, and did I  mention that I watched the movie in 3D? Yeah, it was awesome.

Celebrating Deathly Hallows, Part 2

In the spirit of the upcoming movie, I’ve decided to adorn myself with two Harry Potter related henna tattoos. It was a spur of the moment decision — so much so that I had to run up to the nearest internet café to get a picture of the two designs before anything could be done.

Still, nothing comes out without a little bit of hard work, eh?

I like them both, but I’ll to say that my favorite is the Dark Mark. I’m not on Voldemort’s side or anything (not publicly, anyway… joke!), but I do love myself some snake-y tattoos. I’m just enamored… ever since Prisoner of Azkaban, actually. When Bellatrix was broken out of jail, it showed her licking her mark beforehand. It’s über psychotic.

Gotta love it.

Anyway, I mentioned in a earlier post that I’d upload my various henna tattoos over the years. Well, this is me fulfilling that promise.

collected over the years

Yes, I’ve had the Dark Mark done twice. It’s that awesome.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Character Posters

I am so hyped! These posters are epic. They’ve retouched them too much — Bellatrix doesn’t even look like her psychotic self, and Harry just looks weird — but still. I’m floored. Gob smacked. Flabbergasted. This is too awesome! I can’t wait for the movie! 15th of July, everyone. Don’t forget! Put it in your cell phones, planners and the like. It’s a must-see! ^_^

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The Permanent Tattoo I’ll (Hopefully) Never Have

I haven’t been a stranger to body art ever since my mom decided to have some herself — and not just the temporary kind that I like, but the permanent kind with needles and pain and the lot.

I like tattoos and the way the look, and the commitment people have when deciding to permanently draw on their skin is something I very much admire. I’ll be honest and just say flat out that I’m a commitment-phobe. I’m not a fan of long-term promises, even to myself, so I shy away from those. So when I see someone with a tattoo I just go wow… y’know?

The image below is not mine, but I really love the design and I plan on getting it the next time I meet a tattoo artist. Knowing my school though, there’d be another International Fair this year, and I hope that there’d be another tattoo booth for me to spend my entire afternoon in.

Mom, if you’re reading this — don’t worry! I’m just gonna get a Henna! :D

Henna are temporary tattoos, for those who don’t know.

Get Out of My Head!

No, seriously — please. Get out of my head, Harry Potter.

Don’t get distracted by the poster because by ‘Harry Potter’ I really do mean the character, not the actor. I mean, Daniel has a heavenly, deep British accent and all — have you heard him sing in ‘Brotherhood of Man’ from How to Succeed? *swoon* — but not even he can compare to the boy who lived.

What can I say? I love me some speccy-eyed wizard.

I’ve first come about Harry Potter after I’ve seen Goblet of Fire. A friend of my mom’s suggested to me that I should read the book series (I was around eleven at the time), and so I read Order of the Phoenix. Before long, I was hooked. I found myself going to the local library in Ashington borrowing any of the books from the Harry Potter series that were available at the time. I didn’t care that I read them in order. As long as I read them, I was happy.

The Harry Potter series is a really, really wonderful read. I know I’ve mentioned this once before, but I’m not one of those bookworms who reads books over and over again. I don’t like that. Once I read something, that’s it. I look back on it every now and again, but to actually read it cover to cover for the second or third time?


Which leads you to wonder: how come I’m such a big a fan? I know all these insignificant details about the Harry Potter universe that really, it’s a wonder I know them because the movies barely cover them — you should’ve heard my running commentary while watching Deathly Hallows Part 1. Anyway, the answer to that question is fan fiction.

Being the internet addict that I am, I stumbled upon Harry Potter fan fiction when I was around twelve. By then I have finished reading all the original Harry Potter books (the ones that were out anyway) and was craving for more.

My first website love was harrypotterfanfiction.com.

And then I discovered SIYE and became a die-hard Harry/Ginny shipper.

Finally, I found fanfiction.net where I have a working account with stories and such, which kind of leads me to my dilemma now…

Get out of my head, HARRY POTTER!

Plot bunnies have been invading my thoughts. They hop around in my head incessantly and I can’t seem to get rid of them unless I write them down and post them online as a fan fiction. I’ve read a lot of Harry Potter fiction (and some Twilight as well ;D), and let’s just say that the stories have all blended together. They are all alike in one way or the other and I just can’t help but think that hey, what if I look at this classic storyline and write about it from a different angle?

See, that’s the kind of trouble I’m in right now. My thoughts think I have time to make these plot ideas, character conversations and catalysts and whatnot because the things is, I don’t. It’s summer! I want to be lazy and watch movies and blog about them. My writing juices, as of this moment, is dried up.

Oh, the woes of me. Over and out.

#5 – A picture of your favorite memory

I won’t say that I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan out there since I don’t go out of my way to buy the books (though I’ve read all of them). I don’t re-read them either just for the sake of it, except when I need to for one of my fan fiction. But I’d like to think of myself as one of the avid fans. Harry Potter has had a huge impact on my life and how I grew up — it still has, actually, since I’m still growing up.

My favorite memory was when my best friend gifted me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The memory’s quite fuzzy now, but I remember watching Order of the Phoenix with her and her family as well.

You might be wondering why she went to all the trouble. Well, that’s because my family and I were leaving — not just leaving the town, but the country. After living the last few years in England, my mother decided that we all move back to the Philippines.

I didn’t know then how much I’d be missing my best friend. I didn’t know then how much I’d be missing my old school, the friends I’ve made there, and the freedom I felt just running around the town. My copy of Deathly Hallows is a special copy because, every time I look at it, I get a flashback of what my life used to be…

…Well, that and because the book is now one of my treasured possessions and I just love the Harry Potter series that much. ;D