Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Blake Ritson


Blake Ritson is my new celebrity crush, or I suppose to be more specific it’s his character Edmund Bertram in the TV film adaptation Mansfield Park (2007). I watched the film last night (instead of working on homework, etc. but whatever ;D) and suffice to say I am in like.

Not in love, but something akin to that.

As the second son he has no prospects in inheriting a large fortune, and so he’s had his sights set on being in the clergy. He certainly looks it, I suppose… he dresses so much like Mr Collins (from Pride and Prejudice) it’s a little disconcerting. Thankfully he’s not as creepy. Ritson’s facial structure and wide eyes doesn’t help in certain angles, but I really do think he’s okay looking — either that or his acting skills was really good to make me swoon the way I did when I was watching the movie.

Don’t believe me? Watch this short clip of him — and his amour, Fanny — at the end of the film. Skip ahead until the breakfast scene because that’s where it’s the most endearing.

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Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Ethan Peck


Forgetting that he had that small role in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I first encountered Ethan Peck in the television sitcom remake of 10 Things I Hate About You — oh, did you know there was a TV sitcom? I didn’t until I saw it on Wikipedia -_-‘ Anyway, his character is the bad boy Patrick Verona… and what can I say? I’ve become a cliché and have fallen for the rebel.

I dunno if it’s the bad boy persona (but I’m sure the leather jacket has a huge part in it), those full lips of his, his bone structure or the fact he looks too adorable to play a rebel (in my opinion, anyway)… but either way, he’s one smokin’ tamale. Or whatever it is you kids use these days. In the words of Shakespeare:

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?

…because man, you’re hot.

Okay, so the second line isn’t exactly Shakespeare, but you get my drift. Below are some more pictures of Ethan in his role of Patrick Verona.

Okay, so maybe I’m crushing on Ethan’s character than Ethan himself. But don’t you just love the smouldering eyes?? The tough-yet-sensitive attitude? ? The fact that he actually genuinely LIKES Kat and that they are soooo good together?? *le sigh* Ohh, to be in a Shakespearean romance… (Though, I’d rather not be in a tragedy if I can help it >_<)

Apart from the snappy, witty dialogue... why do I like the show so much?? Ohhh.



Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Will Smith


I may not be familiar with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air beyond the fact that my friend has recommended it to me a couple of times, but this scene that I stumbled upon really made me cry. I could relate to it, you know? I’ve just had a bad day and I need all the reassurance I could get, and lo and behold! I see this clip! *grin*

I can do this, you know? Survive life and all the mess it hands to you.

There’s a role model here in Will. I mean, he’s got a brilliant work ethic, a total family guy AND he’s acting range is pretty wide. From Fresh Prince to Pursuit of Happyness? Yeah ^_^ One of these days, I might just watch Hitchcock and see what all the fuss is about.

Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Dougray Scott


Knowing me and my slight obsession with stories set in history, it’s no wonder I’m making this post right now. I watched Ever After on TV last night and not only did I realize that it’s one of the movies I’ll never see myself tire from watching, but I also realized that Prince Henry look positively dashing.

Dougray Scott in his role as Prince Henry

Of course, being a crown prince and all, he had to be positively dashing. And charming. And sinfully good-looking wearing his costume.

Yes, I know that I’m gushing way too much over Dougray’s character, Prince Henry, and not enough on Dougray himself. I’m sorry — I can’t help it! I’ve searched up Dougray Scott on Google Images, but all I got was of him with short hair and modern clothes…. well, except for that one with the kilt. I am aware that expecting Dougray to look and dress like what he did on Ever After is kind of irrational, but what can I say? He looked dashing. I dunno if it’s the way Prince Henry looked or just the way the film was shot, but honestly: wow.

Here’s an excerpt from the movie when the prince proposes to Danielle (Cinderella). It’s quite romantic, if I do say so myself.

Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Eric Bana


You won’t believe how my days have revolved around him recently. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but I’ve been seeing this guy in TV everywhere. I’m not exaggerating (okay, maybe I am… just a smidge). Nevertheless, it’s freaking me out a little bit.

First I saw him in Hulk a couple of days ago. Then I saw him in The Time Traveller’s Wife — a wonderful movie, a must see. And after that, I saw him in Funny People with that ridiculous Australian accent. (That was unnerving, I tell you, despite knowing he’s originally from Australia.)

Oh, and he was in Hanna as well.

It might have been a coincidence, but just right now I think I saw him in Inglorious Basterds. I’m not ever sure if he was in that movie, and I can’t make sure because I don’t feel like searching it up on Google. (Shame on me.) Anyway, I doubt he was in that movie with Brad Pitt (Troy is another matter). I’d go and watch it to check, but I don’t really want to.

Still, Eric Bana is some serious eye candy. This post might sound like me complaining, but I’m not. It was just weird seeing him everywhere, that’s all.

Celebrity Crush of the Moment: Jude Law


After watching the sci-fi action thriller Repo Men, I just totally fell in love with Jude Law. Well… not really in love in love. It’s more of a crush, really. I’m sure it’ll pass. But pass or not, I know that I’ll still respect the guy. I’m not familiar with his work, but I really liked him in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man, Due Date) and come on, after seeing him in action in Repo Men, how could you not be hooked?

I’ll be waiting for him (along with Downey, Jr., another of my celebrity crushes) in the big screen. I heard they’re doing a sequel of Sherlock Holmes.

Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law

Smoldering eyes. Can anyone say swoon?

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows… It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?