Seeing Double: Taylor Swift Times Two?

I was just doing my Media homework (see, I do put effort in it!) browsing through YouTube looking for advertisements and identifying the ad techniques used in them, when I stumbled upon this particular ad:

At first I was like, “Ooh, a Japanese McDonald’s advert.” The first few seconds are close ups of a model dressed in Ronald McDonald’s get up, but then it becomes a full body shot — and my jaw hit the floor with a clang. The model really looks like Taylor Swift from that angle! Albeit, Taylor Swift with bright red hair and an atrocious costume… but Taylor Swift nontheless.

Am I the only one who sees this?! If so, then I’m going to feel very awkward for the next couple of days… =S

Random Thought: This post is real proof that I do pay attention in my Media classes >_< For some reason, I find that posting about the things I learn from that class is much, much easier than writing a homework essay about it. Erg.


It’s the Hair: P!nk and Mia Michaels

One is a well-known song-writer and musician, the other an Emmy winning choreographer and dancer. And both have those blonde pixie cut hairstyles that make me double-take very time I see them on TV or in a magazine.

The one on the left is P!nk. The one on the right is Mia. I love P!ink’s music, and I’m always enchanted by Mia’s choreography in So You Think You Can Dance. How about you?

Another One: Leighton Meester and Kayley Cuoco

If another pair of lookalikes pop up, I swear I’m gonna… *shakes fist in the air* I will not be responsible for my actions!

So I was just enjoying another late night; I was lounging on the couch watching whatever there was on TV — incidentally, I was flipping between a movie about Robin Hood (y’know, the one with Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham) and the MTV channel — when I saw this movie trailer about some psycho chick played by Leighton Meester.

And I couldn’t help but think to myself Hey, doesn’t she look like that girl in 8 simple Rules? You know, that one who’s now in The Big Bang Theory?

After looking up both ladies, I saw that they do have a little resemblance to each other. Though I’m not a big follower of Leighton or her work, I am aware that she has natural brown and curly hair. Nevertheless, her blonde look can pass off as Kaley if you look at it the right way. Perhaps squint a little bit and tilt your head forty-six degrees to the right? ^_^

Here’s another one with the same picture of Leighton, but another of Kaley:

Jessie J and Pauley Perrette: Identical?

One is known for the hit single Price Tags, the other for her role in the TV series NCIS.

So, which is which? I hope I’m not the only one thinking that these two lovely are more or less identical. They both have black hair, a straight fringe and everything. Though they don’t have the same facial structure, but at certain viewpoints they do look like the same person. I, myself, have mixed them up a couple of times, especially since I had no idea that Pauley (the one on the left) was in the music business as well.

Teresa and Kristen: Twins?

Is it just me or do these two ladies look like they could pass off as twins?

While Kristen is not a natural blonde, Teresa Palmer looks a lot like her… or I suppose Kristen looks a lot like Teresa. I’ve watched two movies that star Teresa, I Am Number Four and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and I can’t help but notice that at certain angles, she looks very much like a certain Twilight star.  Maybe it’s the facial structure, the hair, or maybe it’s just the way she uses her eyes to convey her acting, but Teresa really could be Kristen’s long lost twin. Or vice versa.

Oh, I give up. This is confusing. =S