I Have The Best Aunt Ever!

It’s the truth. I’m telling you no lies. My mother’s older sister (not to mention my only aunt who isn’t related by marriage) is the best aunt you could ask for. Well, she’s the best I could ask for anyhow. ^_^

So why is she the best aunt ever, you may ask? It all began a couple of days ago when my mom told me I have to make a Curriculum Vitae and send it to the school I plan on enrolling in the UK. It’s the same school that a friend and ex-classmate of mine is currently going to, so she’s been a big help with the support, even going as far emailing me a copy of her CV herself.

I was going crazy, to tell you the truth. I had no idea what a CV was until that night — I had to Google it and you know how confusing internet explanations can be. But I pressed on. I opened Microsoft Word and typed up my name and contact information. Then I just begged off and procrastinated for a few days. Then just last night, I got off my lazy backside and finally finished the document.

I sent a copy to my mom for a review, but she told me that she didn’t know what else to add to it to make it better, so she referred me to her sister and my aunt. She lives in the US with three of my adorable cousins — gosh, I miss them. Anyway, my aunt had a lot of things to say about my CV, and she pointed out some things that I needed to change. She even sent me a link, which was very helpful.

Here’s my conclusion:

  1. CVs are tough things to write because you don’t want to come off as bragging.
  2. I’m blessed to have such a supportive family because without them I don’t know where I’ll be.
  3. I’m excited to move to England, despite knowing that I’d miss my friends and family.
Whew. Over and out.

#14 – A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

the best mom ever

I honestly cannot even fathom a life without my mother. I owe everything to her. Not only is she me and my brother’s benefactor (wink!) but, as a single mom working halfway across the world from her kids, she’s also my role model. She’s a strong woman, and I aspire to be like her one day. I know she’s not perfect and all that, but she’s the best person I know and I just love her so much, you know? I mean, God only gives you one mother, right? And I know that we don’t get along as much, yet she’s my mother and I love her and respect her and I hope to make her proud one day.

#2 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

I’m not close to many people. I think that it’s in my genetic make up to not trust people enough to share my secrets to, not even my family (though I think they can see right past me at times). So, when I think of the person I have been closest with the longest, naturally I thought of my brother. He knows everything there is to know about me, seeing as he’s been with me through everything. He’s my younger brother… what else is there to say?

And yeah, we do fight a lot. Sibling rivalry, y’know?