#25 – A picture of your favorite day

This challenge is very vague. This could mean either of three things:

  1. a picture of my favorite event that happened during the day
  2. a picture of my favorite day of the week/month/year, or
  3. a picture of my favorite day of the overall
Since my days pretty much all blend together in this some sort of one-dayness (that’s a totally made up word, but just go with it), I’m choosing option number two. Though each day has its own merits, that does tend to change as the status quo changes, too.

I used to like Wednesdays and Thursdays because those days didn’t have Science lessons, but I guess with the new school year coming up, I that’s destined to change. That, and it’s currently summer and I don’t have Science AT ALL. Yay for me!

I like Fridays as well, seeing as it signaled the end of the school week — never mind Rebecca Black’s disaster of it. Besides, Student Council meetings were scheduled that day. Friday also meant I could stay up as long as I could without regretting the consequences. (Saturdays were out because there’s a big chance that my family and I would go out to the mall.)

So out of all three choices, one of them must be my favorite day. Well, if you’re thinking that, you must not know me very well because days are not my thing. I’m more of a night owl.


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