That Awkward Moment When Robots Are Better Than You At Drawing

I mentioned last week that over the summer holidays, I went to the Science Museum in London. Well, the museum had a cool section dedicated to the Internet and other wireless-related technologies called the Chrome Web Lab. Clearly, it’s powered by the big men in Google. I had fun trying out all the little activities, but what stood out was when the robotic arm drew my face. You can watch the little clip below:

Apparently, what happens is that the camera takes your picture and then some computer program locates the ‘main’ lines of your face. This becomes the set of instructions that the robotic arm follows, and hey presto! your face appears in the sand.

Isn’t it awesome what we can do with technology these days? I mean, the outline of your face into the sand seems completely pointless to me, but the face recognition software is definitely cool to watch. I felt like a little kid seeing a lava lamp for the first time…

Over and out.