Oh No!

I got a new music fix.

And I first encountered it when I looking through YouTube for Sherlock fanvids, so see? Something good does come out of being a Sherlock fangirl.


Okay, without further ado I bring you “Oh No!” by Marina and the Diamonds featured in this awesome-tastic Sherlock video made, I presume, some time after the first season. (Please don’t be shocked by all the pink.)

It’s seriously one of my favorite songs right now, it’s not even funny. I’ve listened to it so much I’ve been banned from listening to it in Spotify, and so I’m making do with YouTube -_-‘ Anyway, as long as I can sing aloud and dance to it, I’m happy.

Sort of. Because this song is so true to me I can’t help but think think think (did anyone see Winnie the Pooh there or was it just me?) about how it speaks about my own personality… So good on ya, Miss Marina. You made me feel normal which, admittedly, is a rare thing.

Over and out.