A Prank Perfectly Played

Out on a whim, I logged out of my Facebook account — shocker, I know — and I saw that my brother’s email and password were saved by Google Chrome. I know what your thinking: his account was just waiting to be hacked by his evil older sister. And you know what? That’s just what I did! I didn’t do the obvious by changing his profile pic and posting on other people’s Walls, but I did update his status.

I know, predictable. But at least my brother didn’t notice until a couple of days later. Even more, my mom totally fell for it, too! ^_^

I changed some of his info as well. His ‘about’ says: “Younger of two siblings. A boy, going on sixth grade. I love my sister very much. She’s the best ever.” Of course, when he found out, he changed a few key words. (From love to ‘hate’ and best to ‘worst’… I’m sure he didn’t mean it. I think.)

My brother also ‘worked’ in Disney World Orlando. No one noticed, but I had a feeling of satisfaction. Oh, and the biggest of them all: I changed his birth date to June 5th. Overall, I counted twelve birthday greetings. When my brother found out, you should’ve seen his reaction!! I was practically rolling on the floor laughing.

Anyway, I felt bad since he cried a little bit. He’s forgiven me now, but that won’t stop me from changing my password. Just in case. *grin* Besides, my pranking days are over. Perhaps. Maybe. *another grin*