The Two Things I Never Expected To Be Connected

WARNING: spoiler’s ahead.

Having lived in the Philippines the past four years, I must admit I’ve been behind on my Doctor Who episodes. However, I’ve spent this past month catching up on my ultra favourite TV show and I can’t say how happy I am to be finally up to date. I’ve just finished the seventh episode (A Good Man Goes to War) of Season Six, and after this post I’m going to watch the next one (Let’s Kill Hitler).

What happened in A Good Man Goes to War is basically this:

Amy is held captive on Demon’s Run and the Doctor assembles an army of allies to recover her. Meanwhile, River reveals her greatest secret to the Doctor.

— summary from Wikipedia

River’s greatest secret, apparently, is that she’s the daughter of Amy and Rory. She’s also part-Time Lord, seeing as she was conceived the TARDIS on her parent’s wedding night (see The Big Bang) allowing her DNA to be altered. It’s very spacey wacey, so I’m not going to talk about that any more… what I am going to talk about, on the other hand, is the situation between Melody/River and the Doctor.

I can’t really fault Steven Moffat for this, seeing as the idea has been introduced more sophisticatedly way back since Season Four when David Tennant was still the Doctor, but I can’t help but connect the idea of River Song/ Melody Pond and the Doctor being together with Twilight, specifically Breaking Dawn.

Am I the only one who sees this? I know Twilight has a bad reputation for being shallow and, well, shallow, but I’m still a fan and my mind has somehow connected the book saga to the television series.

Here’s a table for you to understand:

Doctor Who (2011)

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2008)

River/Melody is Rory and Amy’s daughter

Renesmee is Edward and Bella’s daughter

Amy has had the hots for the Doctor

Jacob was Edward’s rival for Bella’s affections

Amy and the Doctor kissed

Jacob and Bella kissed

The Doctor didn’t like Amy ‘that way’

Bella preferred Edward than Jacob

The Doctor knew River/Melody as a baby

Jacob imprinted on Renesmee when she was a baby

River and the Doctor like each other

Renesmee and Jacob like each other

See where I’m getting at? There are so many parallels, it’s uncanny! And I can’t help but think that maybe the reason Amy was besotted with the Doctor is somehow the same as to why Jacob liked Bella so much. There were both unborn partners involved! The Doctor with River and Jacob with Renesmee! (This is just a wild theory, by the way…  not to be taken seriously.)

On another note, there’s a small, small part of me wondering whether Moffat cheated or not, or perhaps Stephenie Meyer had a dream about this. Either way, I don’t really mind. I just like connecting dots, is all… ^__^


Eat ‘Em Up, Twi-Hards!

So apparently, Summit Entertainment released some new stills of the upcoming Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn (Part 1). I have to say though, despite my decreasing interest on the franchise, the small part of me that’s still a Twi-hard is jumping up and down in sheer excitement. I can’t wait for the movie!

I quite like the one picture with Edward’s arm around Bella. (They’re wedding rings stand out like beacons, don’t they?) *Sigh* They just seem so happily married, you wouldn’t think that their marital bliss would be shattered in the form of  half-human, h}alf-vampire baby.

What do you think of these new pictures?