Dailypost’s weekly photo challenge inspired the title for this post, but sadly I don’t have a photo to do with it, hence the lack of “Weekly Photo Challenge: insert topic here” that I usually do. But I still feel like writing about hope, because earlier today I was so filled with that emotion… it was overwhelming, I tell you.

I was invited to come over to my friend’s house today (check out her blog, yo!), and she lives a couple of miles away from I do. The easiest way to get there was by bus, but I suck at arriving to the bus stop on time and I have no patience whatsoever when it comes to waiting for the next bus to come along so I usually take the taxi. Anyway, today I was really determined to catch the bus, but when I arrived at the bus stop I realize I had no idea which one to take! I knew it was a Park and Ride and not the usual Arriva buses, but how am I supposed to know that particular bus was able to take me where I wanted to go?

Enter Reg and Joy, the elderly couple whom I met at the bus. Some random dude asked me which bus I was taking and since I had no idea how to answer that — hello, people were blocking the timetables and route map thingies — I stammered out some random nonsense that I suppose made sense because the people gathered around began answering me.

So yeah, I was feeling a little but overwhelmed because three, four people at least were talking to me at the same time: “Oh, you need to take the number eight bus.” “Yes, I’m sure it’s the number eight.” “Number eight! Number eight!” (Okay, so I might be exaggerating the replies a little bit :D) It floored me just how willing people are to help. Granted these are the elderly people because it’s the Park and Ride and I suppose they might have sniffed out my insecurity, and I look younger than I do.

But still.

They actually helped me, and that’s just awesome.

They weren’t rude or snobbish or even a little bit degrading. Reg and Joy, in particular, were really nice about helping me out. They were like “we’ll take you where you need to go” and I was like “thank you.” I don’t want to sound like some airhead but I have no other way to tell that without making it sound like a fictional story. This really happened.

I was so full during the bus ride… I mean, the kindness of these people! Reg and Joy even went as far to give me a ride to my friend’s place after the bus stopped. It was a bit embarrassing, to be honest, because I knew I should be able to get there on my own. It was just the bus thing that got me worried. Buses are evil! They confuse you with their timetables and their number names and ugh, y’know??

But anyway, with the kindness of this elderly couple, I was able to make it to my friend’s place safely. Their willingness to help a complete stranger was just amazing, and I was really filled with hope. This day has been wonderful.

Over and out.