Student Life

From Kindergarten to University (hopefully). This is my life in a nutshell.

I’m sixteen at the moment, and my life pretty much revolves around school. They say that education is the greatest gift your parents can give you, and I believe there’s some truth in that. So I try my hardest to be hardworking and diligent, and I’m quite proud of my life as a student.

The only down side?

I’ve moved a lot so I’ve never really been attached to a single school long enough to have school pride… until Bethel. But that’s skipping ahead of the timeline. No peeking! (Well, maybe. Just don’t tell me.)


I don’t remember my kindergarten years, but I trust my grandmother when she says that I used to go to St. Therese. I can’t say anything more on that subject due to lack of ‘memory archive’.


I don’t remember these early years either, but I can vaguely recall being part of Sto. Niño SPED Center‘s Intramurals. I think I stayed until Grade Two or Grade Three, and then my family and I moved to England where I studied in the following schools (in order):

  • St. John’s RC First School — in Alnwick, Northumberland
  • St. Aidan’s RC Voluntary Aided First School — in Ashington, Northumberland
  • St. John’s RC First School (again)

My family and I decided on Ashington finally, and I began schooling in Hirst Park Middle School from Year Five to Year Seven. There I met some of my closest friends and had the most fun adventures (for a young tween, that is).

High School

We all moved back to the Philippines on 2007, so I had to continue my high school education in Bethel International School. I began Grade Seven there, and on that year I graduated from elementary (Bethel added an extra year to coincide with American curriculum).

High school began in Grade Eight and ended in Grade Eleven. Me being me, I wasn’t allowed to finish anything at all, so I’m ending my education at Bethel as a Tenth Grader. But more on that later…

Bethel International, founded in 2001, is a small school with only approximately 200+ students, situated in Pawing, Palo, Leyte. There are a lot of lower graders, but for upper graders, we barely fill the classroom. This year alone, my class only had eight people, four boys and four girls. Now, don’t go thinking that oh, since there’s an equal ratio of boys and girls, they can all be together and such. It’s not like that. We’re a family!

The year before that (Grade Nine), we had twelve students in class. As for the pioneer grade, the grade one year above us, they only had eight students as well this school year. I suppose with the small class, that’s why we’re such a tight-knit family.

As for my student career, for the past two years I have been the Student Council’s Secretary, but this upcoming school year, I ran and was elected Treasurer. Too bad I won’t be able to continue since I’m moving away and everything. I think it’s a sign since:

  • I hate it when we have to do public speaking, especially if it’s graded because I just mess up doubly.
  • I also hate it when the school closes the library during lunchtime. Nothing to do with the Student Council, but there you go.
  • I hate it when the school teachers and staff watch us students like a hawk.They even installed security cameras this past year. I know, right?

But I’ve learned to live with that because, to be honest, I know they’re doing whatever it is they do to irk us for our own good. I love Bethel International School and its various events, such as the fairs and the shows — not the Fun Run, though. ^__^

I love the facilities and I know what we, the students, are blessed to have them. I love the fun teachers that let us get away with food and cell phones in class. And most of all, I love the tight-knit and safe community Bethel stands for.

Moving on, I’m now a student of Valley Park School in Sixth Form, taking my A-levels in the following courses: English literature, Mathematics and Media Studies. (I dropped IT, finally!) Oh, and for Year 13, I’m taking up an AS in Psychology… exciting stuff!


Empty, though my mum is setting our hopes in Oxbridge. Personally? I heard Durham University has a course on Harry Potter… it sounds quite promising *smirk*


8 thoughts on “Student Life

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  2. Hrmm.. School life without Luigi..

    Pro’s: No one to yell at me for bothering her.

    Con’s: I’m going to miss being yelled at.

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  4. ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh.

    Er, hi :)
    I saw your comment on my blog (thanks for that, by the way), and I’m trying to contain my excitement here, but I’m sorry, because I can’t.

    I daresay, you’re Pinay AND from Leyte? I studied in Sto. Nino SPED, too, and right now I’m currently studying in PSHS in Palo, and in fact, Bethel is our school neighbor :D

    I’ve never actually talked to a writer in FF from the Philippines before, and my God, you’re actually my idol right now, so excuse me for freaking out :DD I’m only fourteen, but I love writing and blogging and Harry Potter, too!

    I hope to hear from you soon. It would awesomely make my day! :D

    • Don’t bother containing your excitement — scream away! That’s what I’m doing!! I remember posting on your blog months ago… This is so cool it’s freaky. I can’t believe you go to PhilSci (that’s what I call PSHS), and that you went to Sto. Nino as well. And you’re a Potter fan, which is always a good thing if you ask me.

      As for the fanfiction, this is so weird because I very very very rarely encounter any Pinay writers, let alone one that lived so close to me when I was in the Philippines! O_O How come we never saw each other?!?! Haha, wow, this is amazing. I’ve made your day? You’ve made mine!!

      • Er…yeah. My blog is still sort of dead, and for some reason I actually bothered to check it out again, and I saw your comment…and, well, the rest is history ^^

        I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where are you staying now? I swear if I ever run into you I’m going to give you a hug (…was that too weird? Eh, never mind. You’re probably already repulsed now. lol) I don’t know a lot of people who love writing as much as I do, and knowing someone who does (and I quote, “one that lived so close to me”) is just so freaking awesome!

        Sorry for making this comment portion a chat box. What’s your fanfiction account? PM meee D: XD because I so desperately want to hear from you a lot more :)))

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