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Tag line: “The thoughts of a young girl finding her purpose in life; it’s not as profound as it sounds.”

I created this blog as a way to practice my writing skills, and to connect to other people as well. I’m a sixteen year old girl frustrated with her life, so I’m using blogging as a way to find a deeper meaning to my existence. My goal is to ‘find myself’ before I go out into the wilderness that is the adult life.

About the name of the blog… I chose it randomly, green being one of my favorite colors and the sky, well, I thought it unconventional to have a green sky instead of the usual blue (or black or grey). But I guess the joke’s on me. I wasn’t aware that the green sky thing is real, and that it usually means a storm or a tornado is coming. That’s just a rumor, I think, but then every smoke must have a fire, right?

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A decree from the Royal House of Green Sky, the Outside Realm:

“This blog will no longer be updated.”

It only took me half a year (or to be more specific, just five months and a bit), but I’ve finally gotten back to blogging again. Life has been hectic, with school and exams and oh, my kid brother hijacked my holiday to the Philippines and came back to England with me. Hurrah!

I am so sorry for neglecting A Green Sky Outside this past few months… I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone too much. On the plus side, I did start writing again — only, I didn’t really want to pick up on where I left of here and so I created a new WP blog. The address is apartment8b.wordpress.com and I’ve christened it “The Mind Palace”, which is a direct reference from BBC’s Sherlock and a nod to the memory palace in psychology.

Again, so sorry but I hope you guys can follow me in this new adventure! Here’s an ice cream sundae as a parting gift:

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