Mang Demi Solar

The world is full of brilliant people.

I am privileged enough to have a family who can afford to put a good roof over my head and most of the time, I seem to forget about that. Just this afternoon I was bemoaning the fact that I cannot go on a shoe shopping spree because I don’t have any spare cash to spend. Looking back now, I can’t believe how petty I was compared to some people living in my home country, the Philippines. Poverty stricken families live in squatter areas, where they stay under tin roofs without all the things I take for granted. Like hygienic indoor plumbing and God-given light.

The video below presents the living conditions of these people, but it has a positive twist — there’s this guy who, using his ingenuity, created a means for which these house where light is hard to reach to have LIGHT. Watch the video. It will blow your mind by how simple his solution is.

Here’s to taking the term “solar power” to  whole new level!

Click here to donate to the Liter of Light charity.

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