Editing Shmediting

Oh look, I seem to have found my new calling!

It’s a long time coming seeing as I’m well on my second year of being a Media student, but the time has come at last: I have tasted the delicious food that is iMovie and I want to feed from it forever and ever and ever. And ever.

Seriously. I enjoy editing. I find it engaging and relaxing and fun and wowI can sit in front of the computer screen all day (as if I don’t do that already) editing footage. In fact, I have tried to make a little music video outside of school-related work and, while I don’t own a Mac myself, I have friends who do. I’d edit it on Windows Movie Maker, but I like the suave air iMovie has and it seems my little netbook of a laptop doesn’t have enough RAM to run the program properly… or something.

How should I know? I ain’t no computer tekkie, missy! *snaps fingers in a vague Z formation*


Moving swiftly on, below is a thirty second preview of that video. It’s a fan tribute for four of my fandoms (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Merlin) and is set to one of my favorite songs, Long Live by Taylor Swift. I’m only halfway through the editing process, given that I rarely have the opportunity to work on this, but I don’t really care because I am enjoying this project so much! I just want to scream from happiness! In Tumblr-speak, I am full of feels and am squeeing for joy.

Yes, it’s not very polished… and there seems to be a dude saying “Doctor Who” when the show’s logo comes up. I can only apologize.

Care to share your thoughts?

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