Memoirs of the Physically Ill

Or in other words… I have a cold and I find myself incredibly self-absorbed and wishes to be dramatic about this. Hence and so-forth, I shall treat this like a writing exercise and I apologize in advance is it’s a bit whiny. The thing is, this is how I get when I’m ill and I seriously respect anyone who gets to deal with me when I’m in this mood.

Day 1

It all began on Sunday. Well, technically it must have started on Saturday night, but I woke up Sunday morning feeling like something rotten. I peeled my eyes open and looked blearily around me. The first thing I noticed was the sparse white ceiling, and then I swallowed and it felt like little throat-dwarfs were mining their way from my mouth cavity towards my stomach.

Tonsillitis it the bane of my sorry existence.

Day 2

Monday. The average student would have woken up at a decently early hour, gotten ready for school, traveled to said school and then attended classes. School school school. This was not the case for me. I spent the majority of the day slipping in and out of consciousness; I alternated from the chills and the fevered heat from being wrapped by a fluffy bathrobe and a thick duvet. Somehow, I was conscious enough to cook a lovely stew in which I actually fell asleep halfway through cooking (oops!). This only managed to make the meat softer, however. All the while, to cure boredom during my waking moments, I watched my new favorite TV show of the moment, The IT Crowd.

Richard Ayoade has a strange preference for hairstyles. I don’t get it.

My mother is a godsend.

Day 3

Tuesday signaled the dreaded C3 maths test first thing in the morning, so I dragged my sorry self out of bed and went to school. I felt like a nuisance to my teachers, classmates and friends by my constant complaints, sniffles and gross habits of ‘blowing my nose’ and ‘blowing my nose again’. Suffice to say, I am thankful to my friend Lizzie and her wonderful family because they took care of me that night. Lovely lovely. I drank chai tea for the first time and found that I like it. I ate pancakes with a dash of honey that I shouldn’t really have had. I had a loo roll as an extra limb. Vitamin C was my new pill to take and Lemsip was the suggested solution for my ailments.

We watched Love Actually, a great feel-good film.

Day 4

Wednesday. A cough developed some time during the night. Constant sniffling in class again. I tried to concentrate on the lesson but found myself wishing the hour would just end — give me a reprieve, oh gods of the illnesses! I wished to go home for I felt like I could not perform my best in a classroom environment given the state I was in but the nurse declined by request. I trudged through the day looking like kicked puppy, only not as adorable and definitely more gross ‘blowing of nose’ action going on.

Day 5

I sure hope that there will not be a Day 5. I need to get better. I have coursework to do, tests to revise for and two separate projects to wrap my noggin around. Not a lovely thought, given that I can’t speak louder than a whisper in the wind. Damn my throat.

Over and out.

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