Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Whew, it seems like eternity has passed since I last did a Weekly Photo Challenge! I have no excuse other than the challenges didn’t really go with the things I did, and it’s such a shame that I’ve been so busy that I rarely have time to actually look… which kinda explains why my picture for this week is the way it is.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, what I see every day — and by every day, I just mean Mondays to Fridays.

It’s not much. There’s nothing profound or awe-inspiring about this. What can I say? My life is caged by this thing called school -_-‘


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • I know! It’s the only thing keeping me going throughout the week! *le sigh* Last week’s episode didn’t work that well for me, to be honest. They’ve dropped hints on what this series’ theme is going to be (the Doctor’s identity, or seemingly lack thereof) and they’re slowly building up for the Ponds’ farewell, so I can’t really hate it… but, I think it was really out of character for the Doctor to lose his temper with that other alien doctor. Anyway, that’s just me ^_^ What’s your opinion on last week’s ep??

      • I have to admit that I truly love the darker, angry aspect of the Doctor – a souvenier, if you like, from the Time War. Guilt sits on him heavily even though he took the only option left to him to save *anybody* and he knows it was the right thing to do – but he is a compassionate being by nature and he truly hates himself. I think that’s what he was taking out on Jex – because Jex could shrug his war crimes off so easily and the Doctor can’t let go even though what he did was unavoidable.

        I did love the cyborg’s creepiness initially, and then I pitied him; he didn’t make himself into what he is and he was willing to take his own life to protect others from what Jex had turned him in to. I love that the doctor realised that the Cyborg wasn’t the true villain of the piece and helped him find a way to live with himself.

        Just for once I was impressed by Karen’s acting, when she became angry with the Doctor. However, rory once told the Doctor (I think it was in The Girl Who Waited) that he would never become what the Doctor is, but that slowly seems to be happening to him. Rory is usually the compassionate one, and yet here he is calling for the life of one man to save a entire town when there is always another option.

        It’s all very intriguing!

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