Summer Lovin’ (Had Me A Blast)

Yes, it’s officially the end of summer. Let the mourning begin!

School starts in less than nine hour’s time and, once you subtract the time spent sleeping, it’s not that far away. Knowing me, I’d stick by my usual body schedule and sleep for ten hours. Yes, I know it’s physically impossible… and yes, I have timed myself over several occasions. (Ten hours is the average amount of hours I ought to sleep in order to feel happy and refreshed.)

Moving on… As school begins again (I dread to think of the workload I’m sure to have), the better half of my brain activity focuses on the summer just past. The summer of 2012 has just been absolutely, positively fantastic. The highlights have been, in chronological order:

  • my first job, which is epic in and of itself
  • a tour to see Stonehenge — yes, the Stonehenge
  • random museum hopping that one day in London
  • after five years, I finally saw my childhood best friend again, and
  • more castle visits!

This summer has definitely been action-packed. Usually, I just laze about the house doing this and that before eventually going off on holiday when my mother deems it fit. But this summer in particular, I essentially spent away from home, being my first official summer here in England. While it’s terribly sad that I didn’t spend it with my brother, who as of this moment is happily living in the Philippines, I was still able to spend it with my mother who flew over for a couple of weeks.

I went to Stonehenge with her, firmly making her the BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD AND NO ONE CAN CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.  Albeit, she did tell me they were “just a pile of rocks” but what can I do? She’s my mother. She thinks Harry Potter is just “a bunch of books” and she’s a total noob when it comes to the Internet. She’s still the best mother in the world.

Museum hopping was something I did by myself. It was a spur of the moment idea because I happened to be in London at the time and I thought to myself, what can I do in this little town that will cost me absolutely nothing? Well, go to museums, of course! I went to the Science Museum, which was fun… I spent the better half of the afternoon there. Then, I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum where I dawdled away the time until I needed to catch the train home.

at the Science Museum





again, at the Science Museum

somewhere outside the Victoria and Albert Museum








The latter half of my summer holiday was spent up in Northumberland, specifically Ashington where I used to live as a child. I roomed with my childhood best friend for a week and let me just say wow. I have not seen her for five years and just last month I saw her! I am truly blessed for that opportunity!

Alnwick Castle

Anyway, she introduced me to her horse and we went to Alnwick Castle and we visited the nearby Gardens as well and we watched Harry Potter films and we saw Bamburgh Castle and we frolicked in the beach and oh my god WE WENT TO SCOTLAND! *breathe* I mean, we just casually drove to Scotland. I understand that this is common for them, but for me? Epic times, man! Epic times! We visited Floors Castle there as well, which, let me tell you, was one of the prettiest castles I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Bamburgh Castle

Floors Castle

Suffice to say, my summer holiday has been utterly magical and very, very enjoyable. I sincerely hope you guys have had as much fun as I did!! But now, I’m back to the monotony that is school… Can someone care to save me?

Over and out.

is summer has definitely been action-packed. Usually, I just laze about the house doing this and that before eventually going off on holiday when my mother deems it fit. 


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