On Doctor Who and Period Dramas


Only I would purchase a TV and radio program listings magazine when I don’t even own a TV or a radioTut tut, the things I do for my fandoms… specifically, the Doctor Who fandom which, I might add, airs the very first episode of the seventh series on Saturday, September 1st — how fantastic and awesome and wonderful is that?!


Is it just me, or is the angle that our dear Ms. Pond is positioned a tad awkward? It must be painful to have her head like that, not to mention her legs and feet. At first glance the poster looks vivid and dark and you’re just to completely psyched for September to hurry up and BE NOW already, but at second glance… ouch for Amelia Pond.

On another note, after flicking through the magazine I caught a glimpse of Mr Cumberbatch in his period drama Parade’s End. Now, it’s understood that I’m a huge fan of BBC’s Sherlock, but the furthest I can go when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch’s other works is in the upcoming film The Hobbit, and even then it’s somehow connected to Sherlock because Martin Freeman is THE HOBBIT.

“So what about Parade’s End?” I wonder. I’m not averse to period dramas (I like the costumes). And from the reviews I’ve flicked through, I know that the show will deliver when it comes to plot and performance. Yet, I am still undecided because I don’t feel like the show is for me… It’s too “grown up”, I should say, for the lack of a better way to describe things.

Nevertheless, I can watch it some other time. Not right now.

Oh well. More Doctor Who for me, then!!


4 thoughts on “On Doctor Who and Period Dramas

    • I know it was four days ago but — oh my god, that episode was fantastic!! The highlight for me was that thing about milk and the souffle because, even from the beginning, the Doctor was already questioning how Oswin was able to make the souffles without any source of fresh milk. I mean, isn’t that just amazing?? And the way the Doctor just went mad scared when the Daleks were about to exterminate him right outside Oswin’s room. He really is afraid of them…


      And how about you, did you enjoy the show? :D

      • I had to watch it twice because I was still recovering from the Convention and was too tired to take it all in – but I always watch an episode twice anyway because there’s always something I miss.

        The Intensive Care Daleks were terrifying – “That’s strange; they never move for anything” “They know who I am!* and then with a few keystrokes she wipes the hive mind!

        I cried at the end, and am speculating as to how she becomes the new companion. After all, she blew up the asylum, and that included blowing up herself…

        • Ooh, I have a theory about Oswin! The Doctor never really did see what Oswin looked like because all he saw was the Dalek. He’ll travel with her without realizing what she did for him. Anyway, I think her situation is a little similar to River, in the way that the Doctor “meets her” when she dies and then in future episodes he meets a younger version. Though, that doesn’t really explain why she didn’t recognize him… >_<

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