3 Things I Claimed To Dislike (And Now Adore)

Hello, my name is Luigi and I am a picky eater.

It’s a well known fact between my family and friends that I am picky with the food that I eat. I’ll stubbornly stick with my un-ketchup’d (is this a word?) bacon roll, and my dry rice and viands. I tend to avoid dips when eating chips — both the crisps kind and the French fry. I have this nasty habit of opting out of trying new foods.

So yeah, I’m not the adventurous type. However, with the urging of my friends, I have tried the following things I didn’t, in my wildest dreams, ever think of trying. Three are featured below.

The Strawberry

I have nothing against fruits, but they’re not exactly a food staple for me. It was only in the past year that I have conquered my juvenile fear of anything healthy and ate bananas and oranges (and veggies) whenever I can. But strawberries? Never had them in my life. Anyway, I gave them a try one night during my school’s Oscars to celebrate the year’s Media productions. They were quite large and not like the picturesque strawberries I imagined them to look like, but they were covered in chocolate and I as all what the hey, I can do this.

Suffice to say, strawberries are now one of my favourite foods. I like it so much, I even managed to find in myself the courage to try strawberry flavored yogurt. And I hate yoghurt with a passion.

I still do, actually, which brings us to…

Muller Rice

Just this morning my mother directed me to the fridge after I complained about having nothing to eat for breakfast, and she told me to have the Muller Rice she bought for herself the day before. It was apple flavored, which I found very icky because ew, apples. They hurt my teeth when I bite into them, hence the irrational dislike. Nevertheless, I had a couple of spoonfuls and have grown to love the the sweet rice pudding.

Egg Tart

Finally, this. I was resolute in my hatred of this little pastry, mainly because I have this love/hate relationship with egg. Either I like it or I hate it, and it all depends on my mood when I get offered the food — but most of the time, I hate it. However, one time my friend Polly halved a tart with me and oh. my. gosh.

It was heaven on earth.

My new favorite dessert, ladies and gentlemen!!