On Doctor Who and Period Dramas


Only I would purchase a TV and radio program listings magazine when I don’t even own a TV or a radioTut tut, the things I do for my fandoms… specifically, the Doctor Who fandom which, I might add, airs the very first episode of the seventh series on Saturday, September 1st — how fantastic and awesome and wonderful is that?!


Is it just me, or is the angle that our dear Ms. Pond is positioned a tad awkward? It must be painful to have her head like that, not to mention her legs and feet. At first glance the poster looks vivid and dark and you’re just to completely psyched for September to hurry up and BE NOW already, but at second glance… ouch for Amelia Pond.

On another note, after flicking through the magazine I caught a glimpse of Mr Cumberbatch in his period drama Parade’s End. Now, it’s understood that I’m a huge fan of BBC’s Sherlock, but the furthest I can go when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch’s other works is in the upcoming film The Hobbit, and even then it’s somehow connected to Sherlock because Martin Freeman is THE HOBBIT.

“So what about Parade’s End?” I wonder. I’m not averse to period dramas (I like the costumes). And from the reviews I’ve flicked through, I know that the show will deliver when it comes to plot and performance. Yet, I am still undecided because I don’t feel like the show is for me… It’s too “grown up”, I should say, for the lack of a better way to describe things.

Nevertheless, I can watch it some other time. Not right now.

Oh well. More Doctor Who for me, then!!



“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift

That’s right, folks, she has done it again! Taylor Swift new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — lengthy title it may be — is as catchy as her other tunes. While I didn’t like it immediately as with the case of “Mine” from her Speak Up album, this song has wormed its way into my heart and built a home inside the ventricles (if that even makes sense).

It comes off as slightly juvenile, but it’s an empowering ex-boyfriend anthem. What can I say? I like it. It’s bubbly and fun and kind of summer-y though I don’t know why it is because summer is almost over and — breath — I can’t wait for the rest of her new song comes out!

State of the Union: The Day of Thor

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again:

Well, to be precise Arthur Dent (played by the gorgeous Martin Freeman), said the words for me… but it’s the same difference, isn’t it? Life can sometimes be such blahhh sometimes, it can bloody well infuriate you. I’ve had a horrible day, which is pretty easy to tell. Wanna know why?

Today was Results Day — yes, capital letters and everything. It means today is the day where students like me across the country are receiving their results from the exams we all took way back in April (correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was in April). Anyway, my results left a lot to be desired.

Oh dear. I seem to have felt this unwanted emotion called shame.

So this school year will be very busy for me, consisting of STUDY STUDY STUDY times. Unfortunately, this would mean times spent online Tumbling, Twittering or Facebooking* will be restricted. Good thing I’ve got this for my Wall of Motivation!

And yes, I’ve printed enough pictures to cover an entire wall. It’s not *technically* proven since they’re scattered around the place, but take my word for it.

I understand that getting good grades in school does not equal a good life in the future — it all depends on the choices you make, but it sure does help to get into a respected university to help you along. Sigh. Here’s to hitting the books and succumbing to the life of a ‘hardworking’ student!

Over and out.

*I may not be able to reblog, tweet or Facebook as often as I would like to, but please humour a girl and check them out. Just follow the links and ta-da!

3 Things I Claimed To Dislike (And Now Adore)

Hello, my name is Luigi and I am a picky eater.

It’s a well known fact between my family and friends that I am picky with the food that I eat. I’ll stubbornly stick with my un-ketchup’d (is this a word?) bacon roll, and my dry rice and viands. I tend to avoid dips when eating chips — both the crisps kind and the French fry. I have this nasty habit of opting out of trying new foods.

So yeah, I’m not the adventurous type. However, with the urging of my friends, I have tried the following things I didn’t, in my wildest dreams, ever think of trying. Three are featured below.

The Strawberry

I have nothing against fruits, but they’re not exactly a food staple for me. It was only in the past year that I have conquered my juvenile fear of anything healthy and ate bananas and oranges (and veggies) whenever I can. But strawberries? Never had them in my life. Anyway, I gave them a try one night during my school’s Oscars to celebrate the year’s Media productions. They were quite large and not like the picturesque strawberries I imagined them to look like, but they were covered in chocolate and I as all what the hey, I can do this.

Suffice to say, strawberries are now one of my favourite foods. I like it so much, I even managed to find in myself the courage to try strawberry flavored yogurt. And I hate yoghurt with a passion.

I still do, actually, which brings us to…

Muller Rice

Just this morning my mother directed me to the fridge after I complained about having nothing to eat for breakfast, and she told me to have the Muller Rice she bought for herself the day before. It was apple flavored, which I found very icky because ew, apples. They hurt my teeth when I bite into them, hence the irrational dislike. Nevertheless, I had a couple of spoonfuls and have grown to love the the sweet rice pudding.

Egg Tart

Finally, this. I was resolute in my hatred of this little pastry, mainly because I have this love/hate relationship with egg. Either I like it or I hate it, and it all depends on my mood when I get offered the food — but most of the time, I hate it. However, one time my friend Polly halved a tart with me and oh. my. gosh.

It was heaven on earth.

My new favorite dessert, ladies and gentlemen!!