Musings of a Stagnant Mind

I really don’t see the point of being in school today. It’s the last week of term and even the teachers have this devil-may-care attitude. Oh, don’t get me wrong – they’re still assigning students work (completing two booklets for English and a PowerPoint presentation for Media), but some don’t even bother to show up in classes!! Admittedly, the higher ups tell me they were gone for “training”… I just wish I could be at home right now, asleep in my soft and comfy and really, really warm bed.

The works aren’t due until school starts up again in September, anyway. In student time, that’s practically years away.

It’s my free period (the only proper one I seem to have, apparently) and I. am. bored. I could be reading right now, finish the books I have to read for English. Hell, I could be working on my Media ppt presentation. I just couldn’t be bothered to. The sun is bloody shining and it’s the start of summer! What on earth am I doing in this school?!

My mind craves stimulation, like I need a puzzle to solve or have an intense conversation with someone. I’d hate for my mental processes to stagnate; I don’t have a quick mind or anything, but I feel like if I don’t use it enough over a period of time, I just lose the use of it. Does that even make sense? Or have I been reading too many Sherlock fanfictions?

Hmm. I shall need to psychoanalyse myself later on. Meanwhile, I’m going to go and hug a tree… or something. Anything to cure me of this boredom.

Over and out.


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