Merlin’s Beard!

That title? A little Harry Potter joke to commemorate the best-est Media class ever, which I had today: our teacher played a Half-Blood Prince on the laptop while he had one-to-one sessions with each student. Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a Distinction. Can anyone say booyah!?

But, surprising as it is, this post will not be about Harry Potter. It will be about this amazing thing right here:

Colin Morgan, you flawless human being (Series 5 of Merlin)

I am serious. This show just kills me — and I mean that it the nicest way possible. What sucks about following TV shows is that there are breaks in between series (I know, shocker). It’s a little known fact that I’m not a patient person… I’m inherently selfish when it comes to my TV shows. I like watching them all in one go. Sometimes, I deliberately wait until a season ends before I watch it. It’s a strange habit, but there you go.

Anyway, the wait for “the proper shows”* to air again is positively harrowing. Merlin, Doctor Who — and don’t you get me started on Sherlock. As a big fan of the three shows, it’s safe to say that I’m part of the fandoms more or less.

My favorite hangout is Tumblr… and the occasional LiveJournal community.

The thing is, I’ve seen so much hate surrounding the Merlin series. Something about the poor narrative arcs and acting… and you know what? Who the hell cares? You can say all the bad things that you want about how badly the writers have treated Lancelot, how cringe-worthy Morgana’s heavily-made-up-face-and-smirk routine going on, and how there’s homoerotic tension between Merlin and Arthur, but at the end of the day you can’t escape the fact that it’s a successful show.

Having dabbled in the fandom, I’ve seen the fans that the show has. The show must be doing something right.

Okay, that’s my rant pretty much over and done with.

Bottom line:

  1. Colin Morgan is flawless
  2. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the fifth season of Merlin to air, and
  3. How about the third season for Sherlock?

Over and out.

*This is just a reference to the shows I consider “improper”… like reality TV. And competition shows. It’s just not my thing.


5 thoughts on “Merlin’s Beard!

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  2. COLIN!!! *dies*

    Okay, I’m going to be 40 in 18 months time and I’m married to the best husband in the world. Does that mean I have to be all grown up and stop being a fangirl who crushes on half the characters in her fandoms? Um… I didn’t see that in the small print when I signed the contract to become an adult, so NO!

    I am having severe Doctor Who withdrawal, and I want to know how Sherlock did it! I’m also a huge Primeval fan, but that’s on again so this fangirl is sated for now (apart from missing Doctor Who, Merlin, Chuck and Leverage).

    Do we know each other on Livejournal? I used to be a member of the Doctor Who community, but got banned by the megalomaniac mod for STICKING UP FOR MATT SMITH!!!! Yes, I know. Seriously, WTF?

    I also own geek_girls_anon and co-own theoldbluebox and dalekians. Feel free to stop by :)

    • Oh, wow. Unfortunately, I don’t have a LiveJournal account, but I do lurk around in a Sherlock-centric community where people write stories up from prompts given. I don’t really branch out beyond that… I’ve been interested in opening my own LJ account, but if I’m honest just running a Tumblr is enough to occupy my time, haha. I just seem to open up a tab and before I know it, I’ve spent three hours reblogging some random posts about my many fandoms -_-‘

      Anyway, how on earth did you get kicked out of a community for defending Matt? I thought everyone loved him! (Not as much as David, though, he’s still my favorite.)

      • Oh, when the mod is agreeing with a troll because he can’t stand Matt either, then it’s very easy to be slung out for defending him! Hence why my friends and I began our own communities and a lot of other members left (I was well-known there for speaking my mind and joining in debate, and was generally well-liked – two friends that I met via the community came to my wedding).

        Personally I think Matt is an adorable Doctor – very reminiscent of Troughton. But the mod decided to make his community Ten-centric – so the original seven Doctors weren’t discussed and you weren’t allowed to miss Eccleston (which I do!) or like Smith! Pathetic really.

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