Now This Is Just Ridiculous

Heatwave, anyone?

According to my BBC Weather app (yes, I have one!), it’s 23 degrees Centigrade — that’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, I’m no expert at climate temperatures or anything like that… but isn’t England supposed to be, y’know, cold? I understand that’s it’s summer and apparently we had a very light winter, but I know it shouldn’t be this hot.

I’ve lived in the Philippines and I swear it was never like this. Though, it’s not like my word has any merit on this matter, given that I spent most of my time either in an air-conditioned classroom, an air-conditioned car or an air-conditioned bedroom… See the pattern? This might be a sign saying I ought to invest in a fan.

I should get one of those portable ones that can hang around your neck. That way, I can have carry it around in school and be all like “I’m the boss of this heatwave.”

And the teachers can’t tell me to turn it off because I’m sure it’s against the law somewhere to slowly boil a teenager alive. It would be a cruel and unusual punishment…

Okay, my thoughts have returned to school. Damn. I really should get back to my work — lots to do, so little time. And I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck??

Over and out. I hope you guys have a bucket of ice cream — or at the very least just a bucket of ice — to keep you sane.


7 thoughts on “Now This Is Just Ridiculous

      • I have the greenest fingers imaginable. If I can’t save it nobody can.

        We had such a rotten spring and summer last year that one of my Bleeding Hearts died – it just didn’t come up. They love clay soil, they love moisture and they are pretty much indestructable – so I can only blame the weather!

        *hates global warming*

        • *hates global warming, too* You’re not the only one!! By the way, I’ve never heard of Bleeding Hearts so I went and Googled it — they’re very pretty flowers ^_^

          • They really are beautiful. Normally all you need to do is bung them in your borders and let nature take its course – especially in wet clay soil like my borders have. You don’t need to prune them or anything – just let them die at season’s end and allow the dead parts to compost down into the soil. They come back with amazing purple shoots in the spring :)

            Oddly, the Bleeding Heart that died isn’t the one that hubby accidentally planted upside-down. We call that one Oz and it’s doing extremely well :)

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