The Day After Wednesday and The Day Before Friday

I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

And wow, I’m giving Rebecca Black a run for her money.

I apologize in advance to Thor*, who I’m sure will be thoroughly offended, but need to share this to the world: I hate the day ThursdayIt could just be the day itself and not the fact that it’s a Thursday, or it could just be because it’s been raining on and off… either way, I’m sick of Thursdays in general. It seemed like today it was just one misstep after the other.

Want to know a (scarily) accurate account of my horrible, horrible day? Then read on, people. Just read on.

  • First things first, I woke up the bread’s gone off and so couldn’t go to school straightaway; I had to stop by McDonald’s to get myself breakfast, and my stomach was grumbling for an entire hour before I had the chance to eat.
  • I realized that it was raining the moment I stepped out the door.
  • And then my left side got splashed by a passing car.
  • Clumsy me dropped the 50p change that the cashier was handing me — I’m sure he already hates me before this incident, anyway.
  • I got splashed by a passing car AGAIN, only this time it was on my right side… and some water went int my eye. Great.
  • The first lesson on the day was Mathematics and, lo and behold, I could not wrap my head around trigonometric inequalities (or whatever it was we were discussing).
  • The Pride and Prejudice study guide that I was reading sent me into a sneezing fit. I’m now allergic to old, dusty books printed in the 70s.
  • Walking home, I tripped up the stairs and managed to squash my bucket of KFC chicken. Boo hoo for me.

So there you go. Do you still think Thursdays are fun, awesome, one-day-before-Friday-and-then-it’s-freedom days that should be celebrated and exalted??

I don’t think so.

*Thor’s day, geddit? ;D


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