I Write Like [Insert Computer Generated Comparing Writer Here]

Well, fill it in!

So as part of my procrastination regime, I randomly Googled something up in pursuit of randomness. I saw this picture posted on my Facebook news feed, something about a random person claiming that he — or she — writes like Stephen King. There was a quiz and everything!

(Now, correct me if I wrong but isn’t Stephen King the dude who wrote all those suspense, science fiction-y books? The Shining?)

Anyway, I figured I might as well do this “quiz” myself. Because, you know, I must stick by my procrastination regime. It’s a very strict, very taxing way to live your daily life. I do not recommend it. My result is below.

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I have no idea who David Foster Wallace is and yes, I am aware that I should take this result with a grain of salt — that is, I tried the  generator again and got a completely different result. Albeit, I used a different passage… Huh.

*hears school bag huff in annoyance for being ignored*

Oh, I suppose that’s a sign saying I should leave. I’ve got poems to dissect, essays to bugger up and equations to strangle within an inch of their lives. Y’know. Typical student behavior.

Over and out.


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