The Doctor, The Olympic Torch and the Fangirl

I’m sorry for posting about Doctor Who again but… THIS. It’s not David Tennant, but oh well. It’s enough for me.

Just this. Cue the fangirl screams.

I mean, I’ve gone all crazy about the Olympics recently and, as you know, I’ve been crazy about Doctor Who for years. So yeah. THIS. THIS. THIS.

I swear, this will be the last post about DW for a while… ^^


Good as Gold, a Doctor Who Mini-Episode

Did you know that Doctor Who created mini-episodes? I certainly didn’t, though in my defense, I’ve only been in the country for less than a year. From what I can gather through my infinite resources (the Internet), come lucky kids get to work with the DW franchise and have their script made into a proper mini-episode.

Isn’t that just awesome? I wish I could do that! I’m not exactly a child anymore, but I’m one at heart!!

*sigh* Here’s to unfulfilled dreams. *cheers*

On a lighter note (but still on DW), my Media class has been assigned to research a certain genre of your own choosing and then presenting a film proposal about it. Well, I chose musicals and guess what?


Specifically, it’s about a Whovian who creates trock music. The soundtrack? Chameleon Circuit, of course. The main character is all tortured soul and angst, while his ‘savior’ comes in the form of this girl — I know, it’s a cliché boy-meets-girl narrative. But, it’s a trock musical. What more can you want?

Over and out.

Now This Is Just Ridiculous

Heatwave, anyone?

According to my BBC Weather app (yes, I have one!), it’s 23 degrees Centigrade — that’s 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, I’m no expert at climate temperatures or anything like that… but isn’t England supposed to be, y’know, cold? I understand that’s it’s summer and apparently we had a very light winter, but I know it shouldn’t be this hot.

I’ve lived in the Philippines and I swear it was never like this. Though, it’s not like my word has any merit on this matter, given that I spent most of my time either in an air-conditioned classroom, an air-conditioned car or an air-conditioned bedroom… See the pattern? This might be a sign saying I ought to invest in a fan.

I should get one of those portable ones that can hang around your neck. That way, I can have carry it around in school and be all like “I’m the boss of this heatwave.”

And the teachers can’t tell me to turn it off because I’m sure it’s against the law somewhere to slowly boil a teenager alive. It would be a cruel and unusual punishment…

Okay, my thoughts have returned to school. Damn. I really should get back to my work — lots to do, so little time. And I have an exam tomorrow. Wish me luck??

Over and out. I hope you guys have a bucket of ice cream — or at the very least just a bucket of ice — to keep you sane.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue


Enough said, methinks.

Dirty Girl (2010)

Perfect film is perfect.

I’m using this poster because the other on is pink. ‘Nuff said.

It’s a rare occasion that I actually go and write about the movies I watch nowadays, so it only goes to show how much this one has affected me. Dirty Girl (2010) focuses on two friends Danielle and Clark, though they certainly weren’t that at the beginning of the film — but then again, all good stories begin with strangers.

Danielle is known in her school as the “dirty girl” while Clarke is the closeted gay boy. The entire thing is set in the 80s, so being promiscuous and inclined towards the same sex is kind of frowned upon compared to modern society’s standards. The fact that these two individuals find in themselves similarities that build the foundation of their friendship goes to show that you’ll never know what life throws at you. So, embrace it. YOLO.

The film, to me, had a very big impact since I find it so easy to empathize with the characters. Succinctly, we have:

  • girl with daddy issues
  • an abused homosexual
  • a single mother who, all along, was doing the best for her daughter
  • another mother who is silenced by her husband (as, I assume, during the time some women were — and still are, if I’m frank)

And if you mix them all together in a hotpot of comedy turned road trip turned melodrama turned comedy again, we have an enjoyable film for a Friday night — or I suppose Wednesday night. I’m not ashamed of it, but I cried.


Buckets and buckets of it. Tears were dripping from my nose, that’s how emotional I was.

I mean, Danielle reaction when she realizes that her father (played by Tim McGraw, by the way) has a family and a little girl of his own? You could practically hear the thoughts swimming around in her head! That little kid could have been me. It was clear in Juno Temple‘s reaction, and that’s why she’s one of my favorite actresses. I’ve liked her before in Wild Child and St. Trinian’s, but this film has cemented my adoration of her skills.

You know you’re watching a good movie (and by good, I mean good for you as the viewer personally) when you start the film entranced by the — how do I explain this? — the buildup of the narrative. This is before you begin thinking about the characters, the setting, the props, the cinematography. And then slowly, just as the plot thickens you begin to admire how the director uses certain camera angles to express certain points. And then halfway through, you forget about those things — forget about the camera shots, the wardrobe, the dialogue and the awesome-tastic cars

…You simply enjoy the film for what it is: a coming of age flick, you can say. A testament to friendship. Mother-daughter bonds. Filial and social responsibilities that transcend eras. Awesome-tastic cars.

Some people might not view this film as I do. Heck, even I might not see this film like I see it now, if you ask me about it a six months from now. This is what I think of it now and I suppose that’s all that matters.

This is a wonderful movie. Go watch it if you haven’t yet.

Well, what are you doing? Shoo! Get the DVD (or whatever it is you kids use these days… BluRay?) and plonk it into your player/laptop/TV. Whatever. I swear, it’s worth it.

Over and out.

The Day After Wednesday and The Day Before Friday

I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

And wow, I’m giving Rebecca Black a run for her money.

I apologize in advance to Thor*, who I’m sure will be thoroughly offended, but need to share this to the world: I hate the day ThursdayIt could just be the day itself and not the fact that it’s a Thursday, or it could just be because it’s been raining on and off… either way, I’m sick of Thursdays in general. It seemed like today it was just one misstep after the other.

Want to know a (scarily) accurate account of my horrible, horrible day? Then read on, people. Just read on.

  • First things first, I woke up the bread’s gone off and so couldn’t go to school straightaway; I had to stop by McDonald’s to get myself breakfast, and my stomach was grumbling for an entire hour before I had the chance to eat.
  • I realized that it was raining the moment I stepped out the door.
  • And then my left side got splashed by a passing car.
  • Clumsy me dropped the 50p change that the cashier was handing me — I’m sure he already hates me before this incident, anyway.
  • I got splashed by a passing car AGAIN, only this time it was on my right side… and some water went int my eye. Great.
  • The first lesson on the day was Mathematics and, lo and behold, I could not wrap my head around trigonometric inequalities (or whatever it was we were discussing).
  • The Pride and Prejudice study guide that I was reading sent me into a sneezing fit. I’m now allergic to old, dusty books printed in the 70s.
  • Walking home, I tripped up the stairs and managed to squash my bucket of KFC chicken. Boo hoo for me.

So there you go. Do you still think Thursdays are fun, awesome, one-day-before-Friday-and-then-it’s-freedom days that should be celebrated and exalted??

I don’t think so.

*Thor’s day, geddit? ;D

I Write Like [Insert Computer Generated Comparing Writer Here]

Well, fill it in!

So as part of my procrastination regime, I randomly Googled something up in pursuit of randomness. I saw this picture posted on my Facebook news feed, something about a random person claiming that he — or she — writes like Stephen King. There was a quiz and everything!

(Now, correct me if I wrong but isn’t Stephen King the dude who wrote all those suspense, science fiction-y books? The Shining?)

Anyway, I figured I might as well do this “quiz” myself. Because, you know, I must stick by my procrastination regime. It’s a very strict, very taxing way to live your daily life. I do not recommend it. My result is below.

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I have no idea who David Foster Wallace is and yes, I am aware that I should take this result with a grain of salt — that is, I tried the  generator again and got a completely different result. Albeit, I used a different passage… Huh.

*hears school bag huff in annoyance for being ignored*

Oh, I suppose that’s a sign saying I should leave. I’ve got poems to dissect, essays to bugger up and equations to strangle within an inch of their lives. Y’know. Typical student behavior.

Over and out.