Wrocking and Trocking

No, these are not the names of dwarfs, believe me.

Before I can go crazy and gush about how awesome WROCK and TROCK are, let me first explain what they are about.

Wrock, short for Wizard Rock, is an indie music movement in which people write and perform songs inspired by the Harry Potter book series. It is a growing fandom within a fandom, with hundreds of bands around the world, many of whom tour and produce CDs. Wizard rock began as a Myspace phenomenon, but it is receiving recognition as a legitimate genre that spans all styles of music.

Trock, short for Time Lord Rock,

is a wave of music started by YouTube partner Nerimon and his band Chameleon Circuit. Styles of music can vary from hard-rock to acoustic, but the underlying theme is the adventures of Doctor Who, or, most recently, the Tenth Doctor, as portrated by David Tennant.
Trock is a musical wave similar to Wizard Rock and mirrors the idea that fans of the series can create musical fusion in their bedrooms with just a guitar or keyboard, and then post it on YouTube.

Source: urbandictionary.com

Too long, didn’t read? Bottom line: while they are not officially a genre of music yet, they are definitely a part of the fandoms just like conventions and fan art and fan fiction. This is fan music.

I discovered wrock before trock and fell in love with The Ministry of Magic. They’re music remind me of some kind of techno/pop/dance fusion except, of course, the songs are about Harry Potter… though, there are some songs that are so vague they can be “normal” songs. Ha, but the Pottergeek in me just can’t help but see it as a Harry Potter fan song. I mean, I already do see Harry Potter references in “normal” songs given the fangirl that I am, so yeah.

It’s a lost cause.

Trock, on the other hand, took some time to take a hold on me. Personally, I blame the fact that I listened to the wrong bands. Now? I’m currently listening to Chameleon Circuit, specifically “Kiss The Girl” — really, how can you not like the line “monkeys, monkeys, monkeys…” It’s so random if taken out of context, it’s anything but hilarious!!

I suppose music such as these is not for everyone. But to me, listening to them makes me feel like I’m part of some kind of elite group. Not all fans know about them, you see, and it’s such a shame that people could go for years without realizing that hey, they make music about this fandom and that fandom! They’re missing out. I know I have, and I’ve been a fan of both Harry Potter and Doctor Who ever since the tween years. And that must mean something, right?


I need to get back to my studies. (I have exams next months >_<). Over and out.


6 thoughts on “Wrocking and Trocking

  1. I stumbled across a British Harry Potter themed Black Metal band called “Voldemort” a few years ago. While not the best music, I’ll give them props for having a band member that called himself “Muggleslayer” :P

  2. Huh, I knew about Wrock (even make a couple Wrock themed shirts), but had no idea about Trock. Will definitely have to check it out, but maybe after I watch all the Matt Smith episodes being that I don’t want to be spoiled over anything (stopped just short of David’s final shows because I can’t except him leaving!).

    • You have not watched the Matt Smith seasons yet?! *ahem* I shouldn’t have reacted like that because, well, I felt exactly the same. I was so reluctant to finish Ten’s shows that I had to re-watch all the Doctor Who shows from Nine before summoning up the courage and continue with Eleven.

      But I digress. Watch the Matt Smith eps. He’s hilarious! He’s completely awesome as the Doctor. He has this sort of… charm. It’s like he’s so young and so old at the same time. Check out this link of him in ‘action’ ^^

      • I’m slowly getting there… I went to the Dr Who experience in London last year, and they showed the regeneration scene from Davis to Matt on a loop, and it upset me so much! I stopped at the end of his season, but I have just started to watch the DT specials, and just have the 2 left to go (Waters of Mars was soooo good!), so I should be biting the bullet and watching them soon. I promise!

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