Retrospection — Has it really been 12 months?

This is definitely a surreal experience. I can’t believe I forgot about this but, believe it or not nine days ago last year was the very first time I’ve posted in this humble blog of mine. Yes, it’s my blog’s anniversary — or I suppose, blogoversary.

Whoo! Bring out the champagne, people!

Er, make that alcohol-free champagne...

So much has changed in just a span of twelve months — I mean, just twelve measly monthsReally? Last year, I was in a completely different country, living a completely different life with no clue what to do with my life. Albeit, I have no idea what to do with my life now, at least I’m that little bit closer to finding a purpose.

This blog — the internet in general — has been a constant presence in my life, it surprises me now to think that I could simply look back on past posts to remind myself of my thoughts and feelings on certain subjects half a year ago. So much has changed, it’s simply quite unreal.

Of course, I could have never gotten this far without you, my dear readers. You have no idea how much I appreciate your presence, and even though I feel like I’m ‘talking’ to thin air most of the time, I know you guys are there… reading, listening, watching (and not in a creepy way, mind you). So yes, thank you so much, because those little “likes” and comments and subscriptions make my day.

he novelty of this blogging thing has still not faded away; I still smile like a hopeless idiot every time I get an email notifying me that someone new has “followed” this blog. I doubt that feeling will ever fully leave. Please keep reading, and have some ice cream on me! You know I’m having some right now!!

Over and out.


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