Caine’s Arcade (Or, What A Kid Could Do With Cardboard Boxes, Imagination and Perseverance)

The answer to that question is this: $74,665.

So apparently some little kid in East LA spent his summer vacation building an arcade from just cardboard boxes and Scotch tape. Sound interesting? You bet your bottom dollar it is! Watch the video below to find out more:

Seeing Caine impact so much people by doing what he loved — and being such a kid about it! — simply brings me to get in touch with my emotions (buried deep, deep under rubble) and just go “Awww…” :3 <— see that? That’s a cutsie face. That’s what I looked like watching this documentary.

I remember when I was a kid (well, more of a kid than I am now), I used to climb into cardboard boxes and pretend I was travelling from country to country and saying hi to various family members and friends. I can also recall, very vividly, packing a rucksack and imagining that the stairs connecting the first floor to the second floor was some sort of mountain and climbing up would mean I was scaling a dangerous forest terrain… And then I’d grab the laundry basket, plop myself inside, and slide back down the stairs.

Ahh, fun times. Fun times.

If I try sliding down the stairs now, I’d most likely get a broken bone than a thrilling experience of sledging down the Alps. To be a kid again, eh? The world was limitless. For a child, you can do anything you want without leaving the safety of your den — in Caine’s case, his father’s shop.

So good on ya, Mr Caine! You’re a genius and a mighty inspiration for those who forgot the real meaning of fun. Who needs TV when you can have a cardboard box?

4 thoughts on “Caine’s Arcade (Or, What A Kid Could Do With Cardboard Boxes, Imagination and Perseverance)

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