Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

I just love the British countryside. It’s so… refreshingly wow. Y’know?

With the drooping leaves and the bright clouds, this is easily my favorite shot...

I’m taking the easy way out with this challenge and simply just took pictures of the sky with a shadowed foreground. In my defense, the point of the contrast is not the trees or the houses, but the various densities of the clouds: some parts of are in a heavy grey tone because (I assume) there’s a lot of water/pressure/cotton candy, while at the edges it’s very light because (I assume again) there’s less water/pressure/cotton candy.

The other pictures I’ve taken were more sunset-y than contrasting, so I’ve decided not to upload them. I hope you enjoy these three, though! They were taken on the way back from a solid three hours’ worth of filming for my Media class’ Zombie Production. Doesn’t these pictures set a spooky mood? >:-D


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