Nostalgia [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-]


1. a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.

The thing is, I just found out from an old classmate of mine that the second batch of seniors from Bethel International School has graduated high school. If you don’t already know, his class is my old one, the one I used to be part of before I left and moved to England and I honestly feel happy for them, though I couldn’t help but feel a poignant sadness about the whole thing.

I mean, graduation. That’s like, leaving government enforced education and choosing to continue your learning further. Apart from those (slightly) overbearing parents, no one’s forcing you to go to college or university or whatever it is you want to call it. It’s your choice.

Anyway — college (or university) is a big step, and it’s a big step that I might have taken if I had decided to stay in the Philippines and just not leave. Of course, pursuing my education here in England is a valid and, arguably, the better option for me… but I miss my friends back home.

Year 2010, Junior Year

Though we weren’t the most innocent lot, I miss the naivety.

Though life was just as tough then as it is now, I miss the easiness of it.

Though I have some awesome friends here, I miss my classmates/friends/family-of-sorts.

I’m not usually this weepy (not that I’m crying or anything… I just have this ache in my chest), but I suppose looking through those old pictures in Facebook did not help. Don’t get me wrong: I like Facebook and the fact how simple it is to save memories, but can’t it stop fueling the fire?? Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This past Saturday I, and two of my friends, took advantage of the beautiful day and wandered explored one of the parks of the town. To be quite honest, despite having lived in this town for approximately half a year, not once did it occur to me that there would be more than one park. I mean, they don’t call Kent the “garden of England” for nothing. For what I’ve seen so far of the area, it’s a very breathtaking place.

I’m posting two pictures from the day, the first is a view through the tree branches and you could see on the left the beam of the small arch that, apparently, they sometimes use for concerts? The dipping field (and or) the small patch of grass is where my friends and I spent a good chunk of time soaking in the sun.

Ahhh, good times…

This second picture is on our way back home. We were following the river that bisects the town, and it amazed me how we could have spent the majority of the afternoon being surrounded by nature, when only after fifteen minutes’ worth of walking we found ourselves back at the heart of town. The change in scenery was gradual, but the contrast took me by surprise.

Not quite through the bridge as it is going under it... but it's the same difference :P

Doctor Who Season 7: Teaser Trailer

Sorry, but this is another fangirl post.

I found out through Tumblr that Doctor Who has a teaser trailer for   this upcoming season. Apparently, it was released to the general public via the Official Doctor Who Convention and I am so hyped up you won’t even believe it. I mean, at just my first run viewing of the thing I saw Arthur Weasley and DI Lestrade (!!), both from the Harry Potter and Sherlock fandoms, respectively.

Cue my fangirl screams of “squeeeeeee…!” *I want this because of reasons*

Pardon my teen girl colloquialism but like, I am so freakin’ excited it’s unreal.

my emotions right now summed up in this .gif

Finally! The Legend of Korra Is Here!

To use the internet’s colloquial term: squee. And then squeeeeeeee some more.

I may not have been following Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s spin-off TV show like a hawk like some of the fans have been doing (apparently there had been leaks of  the first episode??), but that does not mean I’m not as excited for The Legend of Korra. Yes, a part of me is sad that I will never see Aang’s silly shenanigans again, but to see his legend live on after his death is strangely fulfilling… in a way.

The show is aired on the 14th of April, 11 am at Nickelodeon US for not just the first episode, but for the SECOND as well! How cool is that?!

First Introductions

I haven’t been writing stories much recently, which is such a shame. It’s not like I’ve been doing this on purpose, but I haven’t been inspired by anything recently. It fell out of habit. So anyway, I figured if I want to make it a habit again, I might as well “exercise” my creativity muscles. Hence, this happened:

Rain flooded from the skies with a melodic stomp. A figure stood in the middle of the square; quite still, quite alone, and very much deep in thought. It was mid-afternoon, yet the typical English weather had turned the usually bright college campus into a dull and dreary location. The occasional student passed by, late for their class and none bothered to spare the figure a second glance. That is, none bothered until —

“Tea or coffee?” the man asked, propping open an umbrella in the garish shade of orange.

There was a snort, either of derision or amusement, the man could not tell. “I’m more of a hot chocolate kind of person, myself.”

“Is that a yes?”

A pause.

“You’re late.”

The man smiled despite himself. “Ah, yes. Terribly sorry about that. My name’s Ian, by the way.”

“Pleasure. Now, how about that hot beverage you offered me…?”

It was raining on and off yesterday and the clouds were very grey, the wind very cold, and the company very cheerful. I was waiting outside a college campus with my friend and her cousin after an orientation we had to attend, which was quite interesting but overall quite dull (the orientation, not the company), when this inspiration slammed into my mind like a freight train. It’s just an exercise, so I’m afraid I’m still rough around the edges. But better a drabble than nothing at all, yeah?

Over and out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


I just love the British countryside. It’s so… refreshingly wow. Y’know?

With the drooping leaves and the bright clouds, this is easily my favorite shot...

I’m taking the easy way out with this challenge and simply just took pictures of the sky with a shadowed foreground. Continue reading

Spread the Word: KONY 2012

Are you busy right now?

Do you have an assignment or a project that is due the next day, and you’ve only managed to do half of it?

Is someone waiting for you outside your door, waiting for you to come out so you can go some place and have fun?

If yes, then please be a dear and ignore them for the minute. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT.

The video below is not your ordinary viral video. Released just two weeks ago, it has spread in all the major video-sharing websites such as vimeo and YouTube, and as of last night it has made an appearance on my Facebook news feed. Its purpose it to tell the general populace of JOSEPH KONY, not to celebrate him as an outstanding citizen (quite the opposite, in fact), but to RAISE AWARENESS as to who he is.

If you’re like me who have no idea who he is, then this video will explain everything.

If you want to help, here are some useful links:

And of course, not to forget the obvious: SPREAD THE WORD. REBLOG, if you want. Tell your friends — the real life ones and the ones on Facebook. Tell your family because, honestly, would you want the same fate for your sons? Daughters? Younger siblings? Nieces, nephews, cousins?

I don’t think so.

Friday Standings: State of the Union

Because I like making lists. Lists are cool.

Beverage: mochaccino from this ‘new’ coffee house that my friend and I discovered yesterday, and have asked two of our friends into visiting. And by “asked” I mean forced (not that they minded… much).

School: Yeah, this week was fine in terms of school. I’m sort of caught up with homework and such, and I am actually enjoying Media classes.

Music: Kelly Clarkson’s “What Doesn’t Kill You”

Crush: this dude right here


Hype: My friends and I are excited for the the new Avengers movie coming up. I, myself, am looking forward to Robert Downey, Jr. and that dude who plays Loki… and the Incredible Hulk. I just like the color green, okay?

Random: second-hand books stores are great. I bought Andersen Fairy Tales, Grimms’ Fairy Tales and a Doctor Who Traveler’s Guide all for less that £4, so win-win for me.

So this pretty much sums up the week for me. Well, it sums up what is at the forefront of my mind right now, specifically. Have a good weekend, everyone!