Regrets, Aspirations and Chocolate Smoothies

While not exactly the first of January any more, I’m still pretty much hyped up over the “new year” because I’m weird like that. There’s nothing like the prospect of a fresh start to make my mind wander, and throughout the past couple of days I’ve found myself contemplating my life.

Have I done anything at all that I could be proud of twenty years from now?

What am I going to do for the rest of the year?

That chocolate smoothie I had this afternoon was really nice. When can I have another one?

a Ferrero Rocher flavoured smoothie from Blendini... I swear I'm in love

If I tally up all the things I did in 2011 and assess them one by one by my personal standards, I would have only a few things to be really proud of, a couple of things I’m sorta proud of, and one helluva pile of what was I thinking?! moments.

Thinking about my achievements led to me thinking about what I could have done if I had not quit so easily on some things — because yeah, I’m a quitter. Not in the sense that I just quit on that exact moment I feel like quitting, but it’s more of a gradual thing. Say I’m starting a new project… The first few weeks — months, maybe — I’d be super thrilled. Then as the excitement wears off, I’d begin to get bored before finally I’d decide to quit. That’s what happened to the violin lessons I was taking a couple of years ago, and now I’m getting this itching feeling that I should take it up again.

Maybe it’s fate, or perhaps I’m just inspired by these videos I’ve seen on YouTube today:

(You can’t really tell, but I’m a big fan of Adele’s music.)

So anyway, should I take up the violin again? I like listening to the instrument and everything, but there’s a big difference between liking how it sounds to actually learning to play it. It takes perseverance, dedication and hard work. And a violin, because it just so happens that I forgot mine back in the Philippines… -_-‘

Oh well.

Speaking of perseverance, dedication and hard work, there is one aspect of my life that come to mind when those three words are uttered: writing. More specifically, creative writing. When I was fourteen, young aspiring writer that I was, I remember writing an essay about what my chosen goals in life was. I wrote down ‘create a novel by the age of sixteen’ and, well… hehehe. I’m way past sixteen (my birthday was in December ^_^) and still I have no novel to speak of. So I’ve decided to move it up to eighteen and whoa, if I’m considering to carry out that goal then I better start writing, shouldn’t I?

But I’m so busy with school! And chores! And specific social obligations (read: hanging out with friends)!


I guess I’m just procrastinating, aren’t I? I better shift myself into gear and write this baby down. I mean, I have a plot ready and everything. All it needs is to be brought to life. I’m going to enjoy this journey, honest.


2 thoughts on “Regrets, Aspirations and Chocolate Smoothies

  1. I learn the violin and sat my grade 7 (Trinity) exam last year so I know how you feel about learning it. :)
    True, it’s a beautiful instrument but it’s also true that it takes a LOT of effort to get it to sound good. That said, if you practise, you’ll be sounding great in no time – it took me only two years and a little practice to go from rubbish to reasonably good. And if you love the instrument, practising will be no problem for you. So I say definitely take it up again, if you can!

    • I really do want to take it up again! Only I don’t have a violin on me, so I’m scouting for second-hand ones at charity shops whenever I’m in town. Thanks for the support ^_^

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