Productive… What does that mean again?

This pretty much summed up the past few days for me

If it weren’t for the fact that it’s the Christmas holidays for me, I would be screwed. Royally. Not only have I not touched the Maths booklet filled with past exam questions to prepare for the January exams, but as of now, I can’t tell the different between integration and differentiation. And school begins on the 9th.

Like I said, royally screwed.

The ironic thing is, I remember thinking this past December how I’m going to maximise my time this 2012. I had a neat New Year’s Resolution thing going on in my head and everything. I suppose it would’ve helped if I had written the list down — to solidify the idea and all that — but was too lazy.

See the cycle?

I honestly think I’m cursed. I can’t get myself out of this funk. I have so many things to do, it’s probably wise to actually do them instead of discuss them. But meh, I’m not claiming to be wise. I’ll leave that for Dumbledore.

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.”

(Please laugh, because none of my friends understand my Harry Potter jokes… either that or I’m just not funny >_<).

Anyway, I need to pull out the nerdy glasses and study my socks off. I need to do my best for the A-levels, otherwise my mum is gonna kill me.

Oh well. Wish me luck?

2 thoughts on “Productive… What does that mean again?

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