Third Edition of Hair-Pulling and Head-Banging

Every decision I do seems to put me into an even deeper hole. I do not like making adults go out of their way to accommodate me and my problems, because it seems they’re busy enough to begin with. And the only time I go to an adult for help — academic-wise, nothing life threatening or anything — I manage to get myself into deeper trouble. I have niggling feeling that this would all go topsy-turvy on me… but oh well, I can’t change the past.

I just want to ask a questions for you adults out there, because for some reason I believe that whenever there are no children or teens about, you all talk to yourselves about… younger people. Like senior citizens discussing “young people these days”, but only more discreet. Please educate me on this, because I’m sure this isn’t the case.

Damn, my imagination’s running amok.

Anyway, it might sound silly that I’m going crazy over a simple twenty minute discussion with two adults about my *academic career*, but since I seem to be wired to keep myself to myself, this is a pretty big step. It amazes me every day that my fellow peers are so easy in admitting they need help, I sometimes think it’s borderline laziness. Not that there’s anything wrong with asking for help, but wouldn’t it be more fulfilling if you achieve something yourself?¬†Besides, talking to people in general scare me a little bit. I’m freaky like that.


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