Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Me, all dressed up for school

Despite going through that phase in which I take the digital camera, place it at arm’s length at a certain degree above my face and take picture after picture (I was thirteen, can you blame me?!), I shy away from having my picture taken, preferring to take pictures of people than vice versa.

Also, contrary to popular belief (that is, no matter what my friends back in the Philippines say), I am not emo. Nor am I goth, rocker or punk. I’m just ME. It just so happens that ‘me’ likes the colour black.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the other colours in the rainbow (apart from pink and orange). It’s just that I find black to be easy to pair with other things. That, and I find it safe. Nothing can harm me when I’m wearing something black, even if it’s just a simple tee.

Anyway, I wouldn’t normally dress like ^that^ in public, but my school was having a non-uniform day for Children in Need and, in exchange for £2, we were allowed to forego our business suits and dress casually. Of course, the only condition was to wear something with spots. You might not see it, but my skirt is polka-dotty.

I took a picture of myself wearing that all-black ensemble because at the last minute, I changed my mind and instead chose to wear something less — I dunno — extreme. I literally had to turn around on the spot, go back into the house and change my clothes, I was that freaked out. It’s petty, I know. But again, can you blame me? I’m still new to the school. Safe to say, I’m entitled to be a bit shy.

So yeah. This is my self portrait

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

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  4. You are beautiful and unique because you are “You!” Cool idea and very artistic of you standing in from of a mirror with one leg slightly turned to one side. It shows that you are a happy and fun person with full of optimism.
    Wishing you the joys of the Holidays.

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  6. i like the picture too :)
    but can someone please explain where the photo/post a week is based?
    or who is running it.
    i was going to start a monthly photography competition on my blog but my circumstances changed and I’m not online so much anymore so it wasnt practical.

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