A Christmas Party

So here’s the sitch: a couple of months ago, I decided to do some volunteer work to fill up my time. With school, the work that comes with it, and certain social obligations such as hanging out with friend (lol), I find myself having a lot of free time. And while surfing the web is all well and good, there’s only so much Facebook a teenage girl can take. (Erg, I can’t believe I just typed that…)

Anyway, the volunteer work coordinator just threw a Christmas party and I must say it was very fun. It was very tame compared to the Christmas party I’ve seen in movies — there were no alcohol (to the underage people like me, at least =P), no dirty dancing and certainly no borderline violent games. We played a quick Christmas quiz and Scattergrams.

Oh, and we made Christmas crackers too :)

But what made it really interesting was meeting all the other volunteers. I dunno if I should be relieved or surprised that I was not the only ‘young’ person; I was certainly the youngest, but only by a year or so. There were only about eight people who attended, but not one person was like another… and it was a pleasant surprise. There was a retired police officer, an ex-Illustration student in uni, a computer programmer turned businessman, and then there’s me: the girl who jumps from England to the Philippines and then back again.

I had a lovely time, and not even going home in the strong* wind and rain managed to dampen my spirits (although they did dampen the bottom half of my trousers. Damn osmosis, or whatever it’s called). This is officially my first social experience that has nothing to do with school, friends or family. It was slightly scary, but well worth it :) I think I grew up a little bit today (lol).

The highlight of the party? Well, there was that one time when the conversation turned to literary characters, and one guy was very passionate in his dislike for Bella Swan. I understand where he’s coming from — I really do because part of me feels the same, and part whispered “Vampire love lasts for eternity! Of course she was devastated that Edward left!” On the other hand, there’s the part thinking amusedly that “Oh, I was just reading a fanfiction about Bella before leaving for the party. She was pretty badass and definitely better than Stephanie’s Bella.” Just saying.

Okay, that’s all I have time for now. I need to finish my pile of homework… -_-‘

*Honestly, the wind was strong enough to lift me off the ground a little bit. I know I’m not the heaviest of people, but come on! The wind cannot be that strong >_<


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