Coca Cola’s OFW Project: The Advert’s Gone Viral!

And I would be surprised if it didn’t. Provoking an emotional response is one of the sure-fire ways of engaging the target audience. In this case, the targeted audience are those families with OFWs. And let me tell you, they are not in the minority.

Filipinos are easily influenced, particularly when it comes to family-related topics such as spending Christmas together, or working abroad to support a loved one. OFWs are not a strange thing to me, my mother being one herself, and I understand where Coca Cola is coming from. It’s an awesome thing what they did, bringing those families together. It’s an expensive thing to fly three people across the globe and grant them this wish, and really, this video made me cry.

I could easily relate to it and everything, but as I rubbed my eyes viciously to rid of the tears (because you know, I couldn’t see the screen with ’em), at the back of my mind I was thinking… How come a soft drink company did something as special as this, and not the government? As part of my English lessons back in the Phils., I had to give a speech entitled ‘Youthful Voice in an Angry Sea of Apathy and Disbelief’, and one part of that speech came to me as I watched the video:I heard somewhere that OFWs are being crowned as the “modern day heroes” because the money they send in, essentially, help the Philippine economy. So much so, actually because there really are a lot of OWFs.

I don’t know how to word my thoughts other than through a Maths equation:

Many OFWs = many disrupted families.

Therefore, why does the government not do anything about it? I know they have a lot of things to worry about, but come on!! America acknowledges their hard-working soldiers, how about the Philippine’s equally hard-working OWFs?? No offence to Coca Cola, but they are a commercial company. What kind of reputation does that give the world, that my country’s government isn’t bothering to help their citizens in such a season as this?

…But anyway, I understand that there are many factors why the government can’t just up and fly people from this country and that country straight to the Phils. For one thing, they might not even be Filipino citizens any more. Either way, it still irks me that a commercial company upped the government.

Whatever. This might just be the anti-softdrinks person in me talking. (I swore off the unhealthy drink about a year ago, only drinking it on special special occasions.)

Notes: To read the entire speech of ‘Youthful Voice in an Angry Sea of Apathy and Disbelief’, then click here and you’ll be redirected. This was such a pain to memorize, but so worth it :D


One thought on “Coca Cola’s OFW Project: The Advert’s Gone Viral!

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