Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I’ve never been good with waiting. Either I’m right on time or slightly late because to stand alone makes me feel like I’m on exhibition or something, and that gives me uncomfortable butterflies in my stomach. It’s an icky feeling I try to avoid. Anyway, the following pictures are of me… waiting.

Waiting for food to arrive, actually. When I’m bored, I take pictures ^__^

So sleepy I can't even sit up... And I don't think the pink helped >_< My first trip to Cebu had me waking up at the earliest hours of the morning.

One of my last family meals in the Philippines. It's in a native restaurant, so the banana leaf place mat is... yeah. Taken in Manila.

Bottle cap rings. In my defence, I was utterly exhausted on the flight arriving here in England. My brain was kind of on 'random' mode. I think I figured myself artistic then... XD





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