5 Books I Wish I Brought With Me

Moving across the globe can be a tricky thing, and while I am not regretting the decision to move from sunny, humid Philippines to the cold, overcast England, there’s still a part of me wishing I could merge my life there to my life here. I’m not selfish enough to imagine I could pick my friends and family from their lives and dump them in Jolly Old England (Uncle Joe, haha), so instead I am going to write about the books I wish I had brought with me.

Book #1 is Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Vanora Bennett

I’m supposed to be researching for one of my English essays (the role of women in Elizabethan society), but the very first website I went to mentioned Thomas More and I was suddenly reminded of the wonderful books I read a year or so ago. Yes, that book’s title was Portrait of an Unknown Woman. That book instilled some culture in me, let me tell you. Every time Bennett mentioned a painting, I rushed to the nearest computer and searched it up. Ahh, good times… good times.

Book #2 is the Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini

Yes, I am aware that the series isn’t called the ‘Inheritance Trilogy’ any more, but seeing as I don’t have a copy of the fourth instalment Inheritance,  I am refraining from referring to the ‘Inheritance Cycle’. Make sense? Not really? Too bad. I can’t wait to get my hands on Inheritance, by the way. And that only makes me crave for its predecessors even more. *insert sad face here*

Book #3 is Vampire Darcy’s Desire by Regina Jeffers

Reading Pride and Prejudice for my English Literature class is making me nostalgic for two of my guilty pleasures: vampires and fan fiction. The former is obvious enough to need no explanation, but the latter… well, I suppose Jeffers’ work is far from the typo-filled works of tweens on the internet, but it’s still based from a well-known author. Ergo, it is fan fiction.

Book #4 is Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

It’s one of my favourite classic novels. ‘Nuff said. I watched the new remake  with Mia Wasikowski and fell absolutely in love.

Lastly, Book #5 is Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.

This is kinda cheating since I don’t technically have my own copy of this book. I borrowed it from a friend, and let’s just say I wish I owned it so I can read my favourite parts again and again and again. And again. It’s simply one of those stories that you can never get tired of. Much like The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.

So those are the 5 Books I Wish I Brought With Me, because no matter how many times I could praise my Kindle, it is still no comparison to having an actual book in your hands: the flipping of pages, the dusty smell of an old book, or the scent of a new one… *sigh* Gotta love books, eh?


6 thoughts on “5 Books I Wish I Brought With Me

  1. Thanks for this post – you’ve given me some new to-read books! I’ve already read three on your list – the Inheritance Cycle, Tuck Everlasting and Jane Eyre. I definitely liked all three and I’m thrilled to find someone else who’s actually read Tuck Everlasting! It’s been a while since I read it but I remember liking it a lot (sad though, isn’t it?).

    • lol, I did more than just like Tuck Everlasting. I loved loved loved it! I remember crying at the ending. I won’t call it sad exactly, because I’d like to think that Winnie Foster lived a full and happy life before she died. It’s nice that she didn’t become immortal like the Tuck family; that would just defeat the point of the story… I mean if you think about it, living forever is kind of a curse.

      • I definitely need to reread it then! Wasn’t there a frog somewhere in the story?

        Oh yes, being immortal is definitely a curse. The Tuck family had a sort of happy-sadness about them, really. As in, you wouldn’t call them sad but they weren’t really happy either. More… lost? Gave me shivers when I was reading it.

        • Yeah… They’ve been wandering around like nomads, with no actual purpose in the world because they should have died years ago. It’s poignant, that’s what it is. And yes, there is the frog in the story… or perhaps a toad :D Instead of Winnie, it became the recipient of the water that could give immortality.

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